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Dog Goes From Near Death To Having A Chance To Star On Broadway!

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So touching!

Porky is a dog that was near euthanasia when she jumped into her trustee's arms, almost begging for a second chance.

And she definitely took advantage of it!

Sonjalyn Dickson Rine saw the dog's spunk and sent out a desperate plea to anyone who would listen.

She comments on his decision:

I wrote her plea from the dog's point of view, and I said, ‘Don't you recognize me? I'm Sandy star of stage and screen. I make one wrong turn in Tennessee and ended up in jail.

And who would answer the plea? Broadway animal trainer Bill Berloni!

Berloni made the trip to Porky's temporary home in Columbia, TN, and said he was looking a star.

Soon, Porky will make the trip to New York and if she's liked by the director, she will star as Sandy in Annie!

Check out the video above to hear this wonderful dog's tale!

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Soap Opera Actor Commits Suicide After Being Forced To Euthanize His Dog

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This is so sad!

Nick Santino, a soap opera actor who lived in the Upper West Side of New York was forced to put down his pit bull mix, and the stress of it all lead to his suicide.

His condo passed strict dog regulations, which banned pit bulls. Except for tenants who already had pit bulls.

This didn't stop neighbors and management from continually harassing him though.

The dog couldn't ride in the main elevators, and couldn't be in the apartment alone for more than 9 hours.

Santino was even threatened with a $250 barking fine, even though his dog wasn't a barker.

After dealing with this unwarranted bigotry, (yes bigotry, because it's an unfounded bias against pit bulls) Santino was forced to euthanize his dog.

Neighbors said Santino, in tears, handed the doorman a bunch of dog treats and said:

"Give these to the other dogs. Rocco is no more."

Later the next day, police found Santino dead in his apartment, overdosed on pills.

He wrote in his suicide note:

"Today I betrayed my best friend and put down my best friend."

That is absolutely heart-wrenching.

We can understand the kind of ultimate loss that he must have experienced but suicide is NEVER an option!

The world may seem like it's falling down around you but remember, please know this… it gets better.

It gets better.

[Image courtesy Facebook.]

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Q&A: When To Think About Euthanasia

Filed under: Sad SadQ&ADogDr. Patrick Mahaney


It's always sad when a pet's heath begins to decline and it's always tough to decide when they are in pain or suffering more often than not.

So Dana wrote in to Dr. Patrick Mahaney:

Hi Patrick,

My rottweiler/shepperd mix breed, Deacon is nearly 15 years old..I have had her since I was 19 years old, and since she was only a 6 week puppy.. So, we've grown up together….

About 2 1/2 years ago she was diagnosed as being diabetic. I give her insulin injections twice a day, morning and night.. Within 6 months of being diagnosed, she was 100% blind in both eyes….. the last 6 months or so, she's been acting very depressed.. I don't have as much time with her (with a baby in the house, and working full time).. I feel like at her age, and with all her health issues maybe it's time we have her put to sleep… In addition to her acting depressed, her vet bills are mounting and I can barely keep up.. Feeding my family is hard these days, let alone the $140 a month it costs me in insulin, syringes and special food for my old friend….

Her vet always tells me "she's like a tank, she's fine"… But, when I take her to the vet she's just excited to see everyone.. She has to go to the vet once a month for blood work, so it's like a second home to her…..I'm on the fence.. Sometimes I feel selfish for keeping her around, I see a sad lonely dog. But, part of me feels selfish for wanting to have her put to sleep……. advice? Suggestions?

Dana Wombles

Dr. Patrick responded:


Thank you for your question. Having a pet with a chronic illness is always very challenging from a physical, emotional, and financial perspective. I have to deal with my own dog's chronic immune system disease (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia= IMHA), so I completely understand your situation.

Diabetes is a very challenging and costly metabolic disease to diagnose and treat. You are already seeing some of the side effects of the disease (at least in part) with her blindness.

It sounds as though Deacon has lived a long life and her quality of life has been excellent throughout. As she is well into her twilight years, you must have a respectful plan for end of life care. If you feel as though Deacon is suffering as evidenced by her depressed behavior or other contributing health conditions, then you really have two options:

1. Have your veterinarian exhaust all diagnostic options to determine the cause of the depression (pain, other organ system disease, etc) and then provide a realistic hospice care treatment plan.

2. Establish your personal perspective as to when you will electively pursue euthanasia for Deacon once she appears to be suffering and showing a decreased quality of life. I always recommend letting a pet go before suffering worsens. Here is a helpful link from veterinarian Alice Villalobos detailing the Quality of Life Scale that you can apply to Deacon.

Good luck,

Have any pet questions? Tweet them to Dr. Patrick HERE!! OR Check him out on facebook!

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The Miracle Dog Changes Pennsylvania Law

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Everyone's heard of Daniel the Beagle, the miracle dog who survived the gas chamber.

He was put into a gas chamber in an Alabama shelter, gassed, then strolled out, the sole survivor.

After surviving he was taken in by a rescue group, who said:

"When Eleventh Hour offered to take Daniel we felt that he was spared for a reason and we dared to dream that his story would help homeless animals everywhere be treated more humanely."

Inspired by Daniel's miraculous survival, Pennsylvania legislators have banned the use of carbon dioxide chambers as a way to euthanize animals.

The man who adopted Daniel said about the law:

"Today is a victory for thousands of animals in Pennsylvania, but there are more than 30 states that still permit the gas chamber and other inhumane forms of animal euthanasia."

It's amazing that Daniel's survival will actually make the lives of other shelter animals better and their deaths, if unavoidable, more humane.

[Image via WENN.]

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Shelter Worker Fired Over Inhumane Euthanasia Techniques

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It's great this guy was fired but it's so terrible that it happened at all, let alone several times.

He was a veterinary technician at a Los Angeles animal shelter.

Manuel Boado was fired for failing to sedate the dogs he was euthanizing.

He would bring the dogs into a room with other dead animals and insert a euthanizing needle into their jugular veins. None of which is permitted.

Several co-workers testified against him saying that he would yell at the animals and repeatedly jab them with the needle, causing excessive bleeding.

One employee became sick to her stomach when working alongside him.

A co-worker said about the incident:

"By trying to jab them with the needle, he was causing them to bleed a lot. [She] said she had never seen so much blood before or witnessed anyone do what [he] did to the animals."

This man is disgusting. He was adding a "fear factor" to the animals death by not sedating them first.

The departments GM said:

"It is totally unconscionable to add an element of fear if you're about to take an animal's life away."

You're darn right it is!

We're glad he's out of that shelter.

If you're as upset by this as we are, and you're financially ready and responsible enough, you should consider adopting a dog.

Save a life.

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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Romania To Legalize Euthanizing Thousands Of Stray Dogs

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Romanian lawmakers voted to make it legal to euthanize the tens of thousands of stray dogs they have all over the country.

The strays live amongst the people, crossing streets, sleeping on sidewalks and even riding on buses.

Even though most dogs are trying to just get by, same as the people, people have been killed in the past by packs of strays but it's extremely rare.

Animal groups have been calling for sterilization funding it seems the authorities think it'll be easier to just kill the dogs.

An animal rights activist said:

"It is a brutal law which will not resolve the problem of street dogs, but will line the pockets [of mayors from the ruling Democratic Liberal Party.]"

Many strays are tagged with collars, showing they've been sterilized, but they are still susceptible to being picked up, thrown in a shelter for 30 days, then euthanized.

So awful.

All those poor doggies. Let's hope Romania has a lot of wanna be dog parents.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Cat Survives Euthanasia… Twice

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It's amazing what the power of the will to live (and having nine lives) can do.

Andrea the cat was picked up as a stray about a month ago.

Sadly, unable to find a home and due to overcrowding of the facility, she was set to be euthanized.

So she was put in a carbon monoxide gas chamber with several other cats.

She ended up surviving!

Brushing it off as a fluke, they put her back in the chamber for the next round.

This time, they checked her vitals, and she was declared dead. So her body was put into a plastic bag and she was placed in a cooler.

Then something impossible happened. A city spokesman said:

"They heard meows coming from the bag she was in. They opened the bag and there she was – a little bit confused and frightened, and still alive."

Taking it as a sign, they decide to not try a third time.

Andrea has been adopted by a volunteer for the Community Animal Welfare Society where she will happily live out her remaining seven lives.

The spokesman said:

"She's definitely an amazing little cat. She's not going to be put down, she's kind of a mascot for cats."

We'd have to agree with you there. That is one amazing cat!

[Image via WENN.]

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