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50 Shades Of Grey Teaches Evangelists About Ball-Gags; Pat Robertson Opens His Mouth Wide

Pat Robertson might be out of touch with reality!!

In other breaking news, the world is round, the Silver Fox is gay, and hair smells gross when you light it on fire!!

Ch-ch-check out this, uhh, interesting awkward vid from the aging TV evangelist (video) who is shocked, SHOCKED, to learn the finer gender is involved in "pornogracy"!!

Pornogracy? A government run by adult actors and actresses? LOLz!!

When the 82 year-old ultra-conservative asks cohost Kristi Watts about her porn habits, it's enough to make your skin crawl!!

We DARE you to resist bursting into laughter when he refers to E.L. James as the "the little housewifey type who isn't a glamour queen" and then calls 50 Shades of Grey the fastest selling "paperbook" of all time!!

Old dudes… Gotta love 'em!!

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Russell Brand And Katy Perry's Divorce Pisses Off The Hindu Community!

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russell brand and katy perry divorce pisses off hindu community

We're right there with ya, Hindu community! This SUCKS!

Last week, we were VERY sad to hear that Russell Brand filed for divorce from Katy Perry due to irreconcilable differences.

Then, we learned that Katy actually asked Russell to file for divorce instead of her…so she wouldn't piss off her evangelical Christian parents.

We're not sure exactly how her parents took it, but we know a group of people who are NOT taking the divorce well - the Hindus!

Here's what Hindu statesman Rajan Zed had to say about it:

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Insane Clown Posse's Tourmates Arrested For Pot Possession!

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insane clown posse tourmates arrested

We'd expect more from the buddies of evangelical Christians.

On Saturday, Insane Clown Posse's tourmates Jamie Spanilo, Paul Methric, and Chris Rouleau (left to right, above) were arrested in Tampa, Florida and charged with felony possession of marijuana, as well as misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Spanilo and Methric

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Antigay Pastor Plans To Sue Over Show Cancellation

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Sounds like a lot of hot air to us!

Charles McVety is an Evangelical minister and Canadian TV personality. Actually, scratch that. He isn't a personality anymore because he's no longer on TV. After he spewed some particularly hateful preaching on his show in December, his broadcasters canned his show.

Charles McVety plans to take legal action over the cancellation of his show following his on-air antigay remarks.

Postmedia News reports that Pastor McVety’s Word TV was canceled when McVety made antigay comments towards a Toronto pride event. They explain:

“In December's ruling, the council said McVety's description of Toronto's gay pride parade as a ‘sex parade,’ as well as his characterization of gay events as ‘malevolent, insidious and conspiratorial,’ were in breach of the standards."

Sounds about right to us. There is a code of ethics everyone should have to follow and when you step outside those bounds, you deserve what you get.

But Pastor McVety claims the cancellation is a case of “political censorship” and he is looking to take legal action.

How about, instead, you issue an apology for being so cruel! Then maybe they'll give you your show back!

Some "man of God" you are!

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Insane Clown Posse Are Evangelical Christians

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insane clown posse are evangelical christians

Insane Clown Posse's Joseph Bruch and Joseph Utsler have admitted to being evangelical Christians after 21 years.

The Juggalos and Juggalettes are gonna be pissed!

They just released a song named Thy Unveiling and the lyrics are as follows:

All secrets will now be told
No more hidden messages
…Truth is we follow GOD!!!
We’ve always been behind him
The carnival is GOD
And may all juggalos find him
We’re not sorry if we tricked you.

They really did try to deceive their fans, but supposedly they did it for a good cause.

Band member Violent J (aka Joseph Bruce) said:

“You have to speak their language. You have to interest them, gain their trust, talk to them and show you’re one of them. You’re a person from the street and you speak of your experiences. Then at the end you can tell them: God has helped me.”


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