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Did Nicki Minaj FIRE Her Style Team?!

nicki fires stylist

Between American Idol, her desire for non-stereotypical acting roles, and her SERIOUSLY toned down look at Elton John's Oscar party, it certainly sounds as though we should be preparing ourselves for a whole new Nicki Minaj!

Unfortunately for her style team, this means that they're most likely out of work!

According to sources close to the rapper, Her Minajesty is ready for the world to see that she's not just a super-colorful, bubblegum rainbow one-trick pony, and is majorly re-vamping her style for what's rumored to be a much more hip-hop-centric new album!

And it once again certainly seems that way, given the ferosh hair and threads she RAWKED while promoting her K-Mart Collection Friday in WeHo (above and below)!

Insiders explain:

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Chimps Know How To Play Fair!

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Great!!! Now we have even MAWR hide n seek partners!!!

Researchers at Emory and Georgia State Universities have found that chimpanzees can play nice with each other, much like humans.

They studied a group by playing the ultimatum game, a test given to humans as well.

In the chimp version, one of them was given tokens, one which represented fairness (each chimp receiving the same amount of banana slices) and the other selfishness. The chimps were able to

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Dr. Pepper Ad Pisses Creationists Off

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If you don't believe in evolution - chances are that you probably aren't going to be enjoying the new Dr. Pepper promotional ad.

The soda company released an "evolution of flavor" ad that really offended some people who had no problem expressing their outrage over the ad that definitely did not seem like it was originally trying to provoke anyone except maybe to drink their soda.

Here's what one distraught consumer said:

"I ain't no freaking chimp. No more Dr Pepper for my household. God Bless y'all."

There were a flurry of other outraged men and women, but the one we liked the best was:

"The day your faith is shaken by a Dr. Pepper ad is the day you should probably start reconsidering your faith."


No response yet from the Dr. Pepper makers and if they will keep the campaign going or not.

We'll see.

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Male Snails Babysit For Other Papa Snails!

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In a new study, researchers found that on average only about in four of the hundreds of snail eggs that a male snail carries on his back are actually his.

Some snails carry the kids of as many as 25 other snails!

Sounds like nature is a depraved sex fest!

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Teacher's Disparaging Comments About Student On Facebook Is NOT Liked


She said what?!

A elementary school teacher is in some hot water for a comment she made on a social media website that was obviously about one of her students - an eight year-old.

Here's what the teacher said on Facebook:

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Last Of Its Kind Galapagos Tortoise Dies At 100

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Sad….Lonesome George has left this world…

Found on the smallest Galapagos Island, La Pinta, Lonesome George was around 100 years old when he was found motionless

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Scientists Claim Insects Used To Be The Size Of BIRDS!

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Thank evolution for birds!

A long time ago in a land far, far away, GIANT insects roamed the Earth's skies with unparalleled size and freedom.

How big are we talking? Their wingspan was the size of a modern-day HAWK!

Researchers believe that the insects became massive due to the large levels of oxygen in the atmosphere some 300 million years ago.

The data shows that the higher the oxygen level, the larger the insects.

But things changed.

Around 140 million years ago, birds started evolving and learned how to fly. With better aerodynamics and predatory skills, the birds began competing with the insects for prey, and soon the birds began eating the giant insects as well.

80 million years later, bats also started to evolve and along with further evolved birds (and the possible arrival of an asteroid), dinosaurs and the giant insects became extinct.

Again, we can't thank evolution enough!

Could U imagine insects the size of modern birds in the sky?!?!?!


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