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Attention, Everyone! Lindsay Lohan Has Had Enough!

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Poor Lindsay Lohan just can't catch a break!

After putting herself in countless legal messes that could have easily been avoided if she had simply just done what she was supposed to regarding the terms of her probation, and now only days away from having to once again appear in court for a progress hearing, the hard-pAArtying former actress has taken to Twitter to once again cry about the big-big media perpetuating horrible, no-good lies about her, even though she's 100% innocent of anything of which she's ever been accused!

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Lindsay Lohan Blew Off Court-Appointed Shrink Sessions Too!


And the countdown until Lindsay Lohan is back behind bars begins!

That's right, the hard-pAArtying former actress and winner of the 2011 Miss Gollum Pageant not only decided that she was far too busy and important to keep her her court-appointed community service job at a Downtown Women's Center in El Lay, but that she obviously didn't need to see a psychologist every week, as Judge Stephanie Sautner required during her last sentencing!

According to sources,

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Tom Sizemore 'Explains' His Latest Arrest!

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Well, isn't all of this convenient?

Although Tom Sizemore was arrested in El Lay late last night when authorities on a drug bust discovered him at the scene, and brought him in for an outstanding battery warrant, the troubled actor is now claiming the whole thing was a big misunderstanding!

His excuse?

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Manny Pacquiao Wants Judge To Issue Default Ruling Against Mayweather In His Favor

Manny Vs Floyd

Championship boxer Manny Pacquiao wants to KO Floyd Mayweather Jr. in court!

After filing a defamation lawsuit against Mayweather for the undefeated boxer's allegations that Pacquiao has taken steroids, Mayweather has failed to show up in court 24 times!

Is Floyd "Money" Mayweather afraid he'll finally get beaten by another boxer or does he just not want to lose his nickname in a court ordered settlement, which may reportedly be as high as $10 million!

Floyd's camp has said the boxer was unable to show his face in court because of his obligations to his training for an upcoming fight, but Manny is "sick and tired" of waiting around.

In response, the plaintiff has submitted a motion for the judge to issue a default judgment in his favor and offered photos that show the defended partying it up on the days he was supposedly "training".

One of Pacquiao's lawyers told reporters on Thursday:

"(Mayweather's) lawyer has to respond to the motion, and the judge will need to decide. Judges can and do issue defaults against parties who do not obey their orders and won't participate in the discovery process according the rules. And you forfeit your opportunity to be a litigant when you defy the rules."

We're right there with Manny! If Floyd is going to open his big mouth and attribute another boxer's success to steroid use, he better be able to back it up in court!

[Image via WENN.]

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LiLo Blames Her Precious Tea AGAIN For Failed Alcohol Test

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Here we go again…

Remember Lindsay Lohan's precious kombucha tea?? You know, the one that she blamed on setting off her SCRAM bracelet last year?

Well, looks like LiLo has reached in her old bag of tricks and pulled out one of her pathetic excuses. She's now saying that the reason why she failed her most recent alcohol test is because of her favorite kombucha tea drink, which the company says only contains less than .05% alcohol.

When asked about the recent test, La Lohan responded:

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Sheen's Ex Has An Alibi To Prove She Didn't Fake Anti-Semitic Charlie Sheen Texts!


Yeah, despite his delusions, we're pretty sure that he has NO case when it comes to this!

As we've reported, Brooke Mueller reclaimed her children and secured a restraining order against Charlie Sheen after he violently threatened her life and sent her an Anti-Semetic text that reads, "I must execute mark b like the stoopid jew pig that he is," and of course, the troubled actor has denied writing it, and even claimed that Brooke sent it from his phone to frame him!

However, we're hearing now that there is NO possible way she could have, because during the time that it was sent, Mueller was filming her reality show with Paris Hilton in Los Feliz!

Sources close to her have also confirmed that she is currently 100% sober.

Thank goodness! Clearly, her judgment may not always be sound - we're still confused about why she would start living with him, let alone vacation with his harem - but ANYWHERE is better for those kids to be living than with him, and we're happy to hear that she's clean.

Keep those kids safe, gurl.

[Image via WENN.]

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MGMT Spewing Holier-Than-Thou Bullshiz

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When MGMT’s album Oracular Spectacular invaded mass consciousness and rocked dance clubs everywhere with their trippy-electric poppy beats we were willing to put up with their high-and-mighty bullshit. Because the music was good.

Then their next album came out and sucked, and we are no longer interested in hearing about how innovative and counter-culture they are — we don’t buy it. And we especially don’t buy their comments in a recent interview.

"It would be wrong to say that we ever had pure intentions of being a mainstream band," Andrew VanWyngarden explained. "We began to realize that people thought of us as this electro-pop dance act. And that's really not who we are."

Really? You’re not an electro-pop band? Then why did you make an electro-pop album?

Those comments were made in conjunction with a discussion about how their newest album Congratulations, which was worse different from their last, and tanked because of it.

We like bands to experiment. What we don’t like is bands who make excuses about ‘not wanting to be mainstream’ after they produced a failure of an album.

Lose the ego, MGMT.

[Image via WENN.]

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