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Inmate Survives Execution — And Now The Court Has Ruled Whether He Can Be Put To Death Again!

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This is as shocking as it is confounding.

Back in September 2009, Romell Broom got the ultimate last-minute stay of execution when he survived his lethal injection!

After two excruciating hours of a team attempting to inject poison into the veins of the convicted murderer, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland stopped the execution.

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But since the state did technically attempt to execute him for his crime — even though he survived the horrible ordeal — Broom's attorneys argued that trying again would violate double jeopardy laws.

You know, the reason O.J. Simpson had nothing to fear from that knife.

Well on Wednesday the Ohio Supreme Court settled the argument once and for all, ruling

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Dennis Rodman Returns To North Korea For A Third Time To Coach Men's Basketball Team!

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dennis rodman returns to north korea to coach mens basketball team

Dennis Rodman isn't letting a little thing like the execution of Kim Jong-Un's uncle get in the way of his third trip to North Korea!

In fact, he's there right now helping coach their national basketball team, and he's sort of acting like the whole execution thing never happened!

He says:

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Jodi Arias Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty For Brutal Murder Of Ex-Lover, AGAIN!

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jodi arias second sentencing trial new jury july 18 death penalty execution

Bust out the schadenfreude flavored popcorn, because round two of the Jodi Arias sentencing is about to begin!!

Convicted in May of brutally slaying her former lover, Jodi's previous jury couldn't return a unanimous decision whether or not her life should be spared.

Maricopa County prosecutor Bill Montgomery will now be asking a new jury of her peers to dole out justice by, you know, lining the convicted murderer up in front of a firing squad.

Well, not a firing squad, per se — Arizona's only sanctioned form of capital punishment is

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Serial Murderer & Rapist Richard 'Night Stalker' Ramirez Dies On Death Row

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richard ramirez night stalker dead 53 san quentin death row convicted mass murderer rapist

Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. The Night Stalker, is dead at 53.

He died on death row in San Quentin State Prison, the only place he's lived since being sentenced to death back in 1989.

Richard earned the nickname The Night Stalker because he snuck in through his victims windows late at night during a rape-murder spree that claimed at least 13 lives in the Los Angeles area back in the mid-80s

There are conflicting reports as to the cause of his death. One source says

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Michael Moore Boycotts Georgia!

Michael Moore Boycotts Georgia

Following the execution of Troy Davis, a man convicted for the murder of a police officer despite the overwhelming amount of disagreement from American citizens, Michael Moore has thought it best to boycott the state of Georgia.

Troy even begged for a lie detector test to save his life, but it wasn't given.

Not only were everyday citizens outraged, Hollywood got involved too. Alec Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, and Diddy (to name a few) all called on the power of Twitter to send a message to the peachy state.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Troy was given lethal injection Wednesday night, and it shook America's belief in the justice system once again.

And now, among many others, Michael Moore is boycotting the state, urging:

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Texas Executes Man For Murder Even Though A Different Convict Confessed To The Crime

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Steven Michael Woods

Tuesday night at 6:22pm, Steven Michael Woods was executed for a murder he did not commit.

Bethena Brosz and Ronald Whitehead were shot and stabbed to death by Marcus Rhodes.

Unfortunately for Woods, Texan law allows the execution of those involved with the murder scene despite the degree of participation.

While Woods admitted to hanging out with the couple and witnessing the murder, he insisted he never had any part of it. Instead, it was act he claimed to be solely that of Rhodes.

And Rhodes confessed! Not only that, but DNA testing supported the confession. Still, Woods was convicted for his "involvement" (wherever the truth may lie in that).

Right before his death, Woods had some final words:

You're not about to witness an execution. You are about to witness a murder. I am strapped down for something Marcus Rhodes did. I never killed nobody, ever. Justice has let me down. Somebody completely screwed this up. Well, Warden, if you're going to murder someone, go ahead and do it. Pull that trigger.


We did some more research and while it doesn't seem like Woods was by any means squeaky clean (he was involved with drug dealings as a teenager, around the same time of the crime committed), it still doesn't seem justifiable to execute a man, especially for a specific act if there's no blood on his hands.

When attempting to justify the law, Houston Victims-Rights Advocate Dudley Sharp compared it to winning the Nobel Peace Prize:

We hold people responsible for being conspirators or assisting even in good acts. We are not treating murderers any different than we would by giving a Nobel Prize to someone who began research 40 years ago even though they didn't make the breakthrough.

Umm, sorry, but we don't think anyone supporting an eye for an eye can talk about Nobel Peace Prizes…

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Tape Allegedly Made By Osama Bin Laden Threatens American People.

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This is not good.

An audio tape that is allegedly from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden aired today on the Arabic-language network Al-Jazeera, and threatens the American people if the man behind 9/11, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, is executed.

The speaker believed to be bin Ladin said:

"Your master in the White House is following his predecessor in many important issues, like escalating the war in Afghanistan and unfairly treating our prisoners - led by the hero jihadi Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The White House declared that they will execute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his comrades in arms. We have been enduring your masters' oppression for a long time, especially by supporting Israel's occupation of our land in Palestine. Our reaction to that oppression was heard loudly on the 11th with God's help. Justice is to be treated in the same manner."

He went on to claim that if Mohammed is executed, America would be held responsible "when we execute anyone of you we capture."

Scary stuff.

What do U think?? Do U think the speaker is actually bin Laden??

[Image via AP Images.]

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