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Good-Bye, Gossip Girl! Producer Talks BIG Finale Revelations…And A Possible MOVIE In The Works!


We can't believe it's finally here!

After six SCANDALOUS years following the lives of Manhattan's elite, the end of Gossip Girl is upon us, and we've been fighting back the tears all day just THINKING about it!

Not to mention the anticipation of FINALLY discovering not only the romantic resolutions of Chuck and Blair or Dan and Serena, but the long-awaited identity of the series' namesake!

WHO could it be?!

Nate's missing bangs?! Katie Cassidy?! Little J?! Dorota?! Our beloved Georgina?!

Gah! Our head is exploding with POSSIBILITIES!

Luckily, executive producer Stephanie Savage has opened up about the creative process behind resolving some of these long-awaited mysteries, so maybe certain perceptive readers can decipher some clues in here:

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Quote Of The Day

lindsay lohan getting the role of elizabeth taylor

"Elizabeth Taylor was such an icon of mine and to so many other people that I think it was an important film to depict her correctly."

Lindsay Lohan on why she harassed Liz & Dick's executive producer to get the part of Liz.

[Image via Adrianna Barraza/WENN.]

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TODAY Revenge! The Jerk That Fired Ann Curry Gets Fired!

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Karma's a bitch, ain't it??

NBC has just fired TODAY executive producer Jim Bell, the genius behind ethnicity cleansing firing Ann Curry.

In the past few Curryless months it's been clear that it was not the female anchor, but the show's mastermind that caused TODAY's massive ratings decline.

Jim's replacement is NBC News VP Alexandra Wallace — who will be the first woman to helm TODAY in its 60-year history. Yay progress!

This switch-up is especially important to Matt Lauer because, according to a show insider, the veteran anchor will have to take "significant pay cut" if the numbers don't come up.

Here's an idea for ratings gold: Bring Ann back!

[Image via WENN.]

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Chicago Fire Gets Full Season On NBC, Gets Us All Hot And Bothered!

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chicago fire tv show nbc full season order

That's right! Chicago Fire has been picked up for a full season!

What that means for you is lots of sexy firemen, heat, and also sexy firemen. Plus, Dr. Chase left his job practicing medicine to be a firefighter now, and he's sexy.

Did we mention the firemen?? Ha!

Here's how NBC broke the red hot news:

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Lena Dunham's Girls Gets A Third Season, ALREADY!

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Lena Dunham

Get it guuuurl!

The second season of Lena "Voice-of-Our-Generation" Dunham's show hasn't aired it's second season yet — but reports say HBO has already okayed a third season.

Girls executive producer Judd Apatow broke the fabulous news, while promoting his new flick, This Is 40. Judd told reporters:

"We’re about to shoot the third season of Girls."

Now before you go celebrating with tall glass of drug infused tea, know that Judd's announcement is not

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Joe Biden Is Coming To Parks And Recreation!

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On November 15th, Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope is finally getting her wish and will meet her "ideal man," Joe Biden!

The re-elected Vice President of the United States is making a cameo appearance (above) in next week's episode of the NBC comedy that will take place in Washington D.C.

While we think it would be pretty hard to book the VP of the nation, executive producer Michael Schur says it was "so much less difficult than we ever possibly imagined" and continued:

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The Carrie Diaries Won't Be Mini Sex & The City Tales; Executive Producer Explains…

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All right! All right! Let's not all panic.

We know Sex and the City fans are already polarized on the prequel series, The Carrie Diaries. But just because there's some television tampering going on doesn't mean it has to be bad tampering.

Even though Carrie Diaries will tell the life of a high school Carrie Bradshaw, producers promise they have no plans to turn it into a miniature Sex and the City.

Executive producer Amy B. Harris screened the premiere episode at New York City's School of Visual Arts this week and said:

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