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Awww! Baby Tiger Cub Found Wandering The Streets In California! How Did It Get There??

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You don't see this every day!

A three-month-old tiger cub was found roaming a neighborhood east of Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon — we can only imagine the reaction of the poor woman who spotted him!!

The little guy was found in Hemet, California and eventually taken to the Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto for care. Little did that humane society know that when they offered to take care of all animals, they'd be put to the test!

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Vets say the not-so-big cat is in good shape, if a touch testy after a really long day. Right now, he's at an animal sanctuary being cared for while authorities determine the best next step for his care. What a crazy story!!

Ch-ch-check out video of the gorgeous animal (below):

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Celebs With Weird Pets

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Celebs tend to have lots of money.

And when you have lots of money, you need something to spend it on!

So if you've got lots of ca$h, need something to spend it on AND love animals… we guess you collect some pretty weird pets!!

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs With Weird Pets"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs With Weird Pets"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs With Weird Pets"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs With Weird Pets"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs With Weird Pets"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Celebs With Weird Pets"

[Image via WENN.]

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Ohio's Exotic Pet Bill May Become Law

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Ever since that Ohio resident released his lions, tigers, and bear (oh my!) to the wild, things in Ohio have gotten sticky.

ASPCA has called for a ban of exotic animal ownership in Ohio and guvment might be listening.

While owning exotic pets may not be fully banned, new legislation would

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Lions, Tigers, Bears (And Wolves) Oh My! Ohio Task Force Seeks To Ban Ownership of Exotic Pets

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After an Ohio man released 56 lions, tigers, bears, and wolves (and a couple of monkeys that were eaten) on his farm and killed himself, a task force is trying to ban ownership of exotic pets.

This ban would include lizards and other smaller reptiles as well.

48 of the animals released with killed while the remaining six live in zoos. The new bill would require registration for all exotics pets by 2014.

While the bill is picking up steam, many legislators and executives are hesistant about it.

Many cite that businesses would foreclose and many pet owners would be forced to kill their pets.

Polly Britton of the Ohio Association of Animal Owners states the following:

I know the actual bill will look nothing like the summary…They’re grandfathering in owners of these exotics and giving them two years to either comply or dispose of the animals. Now, what’s that owner suppose to do if they can’t comply with all the restrictions and regulations? I’ll tell you; they’ll have to kill those animals. This is their way of making sure all these animals are dead.

Legislators plan on the bill being ready to present in 2012.

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Four Young Men Charged In Theft Of Lion Carcass

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After hearing of the wild animals loose in Ohio, four young idiots men rushed to the scene.

They came across a dead lion, where people were gathering around, and taking pictures.

They decided they could use a lion to make a rug or stuff it or other disgusting things, so they struggled to load it into the back of their Jeep.

When police arrived on the scene, they stopped the would-be thieves, recovered the lion's body, and charged the men with misdemeanor theft.

Some people are just plain weird.

And now they face up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine if convicted.

Doesn't seem worth it to us.

[Image via AP Images.]

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