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The Roots Of Lindsay's Problems Continue To Exploit Her For Press! Michael Compares Himself To An 'Archangel!'


It's moments like these when you realize that she never had a chance.

Lindsay Lohan is once up to her elbows in legal trouble, and of course, instead if bonding together as a normally family would under such intense media scrutiny, her mother, Dina Lohan, is reportedly pimping out a tell-all book that both exploits her daughter's drug addictions and blames everyone but herself!

Not to be outdone, of course, father Michael Lohan has all kinds of opinions on the matter, and is sharing them with anyone who will listen!

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Katie Price Claims To Have Gay Drag Videos Of Ex Alex Reid!



Okay, a little intriguing, but still mostly horrible!

Jordan's marriage to Alex Reid was about as permanent as the glamor model's hair color, and it appears that their split has become less than amicable, and because of that, the world may be getting some very NSFW footage of the drag queen/reality contestant/cage fighter!

According to

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Jada Pinkett Smith Responds To Claims That She Exploits Her Kids!


You may personally not agree with the choices she's made as a parent, but after this, you at least can't deny that she hasn't thought about it from every perspective!

Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband, Will, have raised a few eyebrows in the past because of the way they've immersed their children into the entertainment business, and the actress recently opened up about the scrutiny she faces from the public for doing so, and whether or not she actually worries about the influence of Hollywood on her family!

Check out some HIGHlights from the Redbook interview:

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Mugshot Hall Of Fame


This guy!

Grandma Pervert, what big ears you have!

Daniel Louis Jenkins was arrested in Raleigh, NC this weekend on felony charges of sexually exploiting a minor. He was booked by the police on two other felony charges and has since been kept in custody awaiting bail.

If Steve Wilkos and Kate Gosselin's bodyguard Steve Neild had a kid … we'd keep it away from this guy! LOLZ!

Joking aside, lock this guy up GOOD! We don't want him near another kid for a looooong time!

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Jada Pinkett Lashes Out At Those Who Claim She Exploits Her Kids

Jada Defends Accusations

Jada Pinkett has had to respond to negative-nancies who claim she and Will have been exploiting their kids by letting them enter showbiz at such an early age.

Rightfully so, she stands up for their decisions and her kids.

Here's what she had to say:

"Our children are allowed to stay in the paradigm of being a child. They don't have to take care of their families: become the complete emotional, physical, and financial focus that happens to many child stars. Our family structure is a little different and it's quite hard to comprehend because it's so outside what usually happens in a family, but the paradigm is the same.

"This isn't about fame or money. They were still going to have their trials because of who their parents are. As much as I wish I could figure out a way I could protect my children, they have their destiny. I'm not going to put brakes on that out of fear.

"I have a 10-year-old who can stand up in front of an audience of 17,000 and rock the house. I have to keep her grounded."

We completely get what she's saying here. Both of the kids are super talented, and the fact that the house-hold dynamic is not one based on how much money they're making makes a lot of sense.

Honestly, we don't think it's exploitative. We get the feeling that if the kids just decided they didn't want to do this, they wouldn't be!

How do U feel about the whole situation??

[Image via WENN.]

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Chris Brown Blames GMA For His Outburst

chris brown blames gma for his outburst

Way to NOT take responsibility for your own actions, Chris!

For the past couple of days, Chris Brown has been all over the news for his outburst on Good Morning America.

Instead of issuing a proper apology, Brown is placing the majority of the blame on GMA, claiming he was "thrown off" by the questions, and that Rihanna was brought up to "exploit" him.

With regards to his backstage freak out, Brown claims he did it "to release the anger that I had inside me," and then added the too-little-too-late apology "I got very emotional and I apologize for that."

What happened with Rihanna happened, and it's unrealistic for you to imagine that it will NEVER come up during an interview ever again, Chris. As we said before, people don't forget. You'd be better off looking for ways to help people forgive your past actions, instead of just ignoring them.

And once again, take responsibility for your actions! As if Good Morning America has nothing better to do than exploit you….

Do U agree with Chris? Is Good Morning America at fault AT ALL for his outburst?

[Image via WENN.]

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Oh, Here We Go…Michael Wants To Get Back With Dina!


Oh, for goodness sake - and after everything he's put his family through?!

Enough is enough!

Michael Lohan is currently shacked up in Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab, seeking treatment for 'anger issues,' and sources close to production have revealed that during his time in the facility, he's come to the conclusion that he still loves his ex-wife Dina, and wants to reconcile with her and his other children!

The insider explains:

"Michael has been revealing that he wants to get back together with Dina. It's a shocking revelation, to say the least. Michael feels that Lindsay's troubles are because of his divorce with Dina. Michael wants his family back. Michael is realistic that too much may have happened and that it will probably never transpire, but he says he loves Dina, even after all of the bad blood that's been split. He boasts that he talks to Lindsay at least once a day, but it's never while the cameras are rolling. The problem with Michael is that things are seemingly different in reality than how he describes them, or recalls them. Dr. Drew isn't certain about how honest Michael is being with him and in the group setting. Michael would love it if Dina, Lindsay, Michael Jr., Cody and Ali all came. He is doubtful that will happen though because they refused to participate in 'Family Day,' which was last weekend."

And isn't it just all so convenient that there's a camera crew around to document the whole thing?

Good lord! Give us an EFFING break.

Frankly, we think he just needs to count his blessings that ANY of them still communicate with him AT ALL, given how he still manages to find ways to exploit his relationship to them as a means of getting press.

So sad.

[Images via WENN.]

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