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Airlines Looking Into Dropping Their Cell Phone And Laptop Ban!

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airlines relax cell phone laptop computer electronic gadget policy

The people have spoken! Into their cell phones, even when they weren't supposed to!

More and more passengers are demanding to use their cell phones, tablets, and laptops on flights, and it looks like they might be winning! An FAA statement reads:

"The FAA recognises consumers are intensely interested in the use of personal electronics aboard aircraft; that is why we tasked a government-industry group to examine the safety issues and the feasibility of changing the current restrictions."

So what did the report find? The rule just does NOT seem to be working?

According to the report, nearly a third of passengers go full Alec Baldwin and disregard the rules about turning all devices off at takeoff and landing! And so far, no disasters!

So, we have to ask…

Should airlines relax their gadget policy?

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Should airlines relax their gadget policy?

  • No, it's not worth the risk! (40%)
  • Yes, it's about time! (60%)

Total Votes: 6,940

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[Image via Twitter.]

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FAA Chief Arrested For DUI…And Resigns!

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faa chief arrested for dui and resigns

Not good AT ALL.

Federal Aviation Administrator Randy Babbitt has resigned from his position after being arrested for DUI over the weekend in Washington.

Here's what Babbitt had to say about his decision to resign in a statement:

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Cruel Turkey Drop Stopped!

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As we previously mentioned, Yellville Arkansas hosts an annual Turkey Trot Festival, where a small private aircraft would throw wild turkeys out of the sky.

This cruel practice was brought to PETA's attention and the animals rights group offered a $5,000 reward for any tips that led to the arrest and conviction of the "phantom pilot."

Many people at the festival still supported the turkey drop, wearing t-shirts that read: "I am the phantom pilot."

There was even a sign offering a $10,000 reward for the arrest of the PETA employee that came up with the $5,000 reward.

This year's Turkey Trot Festival passed without a single turkey dropped.

It may have been because of a warning to whoever the pilot may be, the FAA said:

"If a plane flies over and a turkey comes out of it, we're going to be talking to somebody."

With pilots risking losing their licenses it seems this cruel practice may have finally come to an end.

[Image via Carrie Devorah/WENN.]

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Mayor Bloomberg Is NOT Happy With Diddy Receiving Police Escort Through Manhattan!

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Uh-oh. Somebody is going to be in biiig trouble!

After Diddy's concert in Manhattan on Friday night, he apparently had attempted to helicopter to New Jersey to make a $75,000 club appearance, but ultimately was grounded by the FAA when the request wasn't cleared in time, and instead was provided with a police escort to get him to where he needed to go!

Unfortunately for him, this should have never happened, as police are not allowed to escort private citizens, and even Mayor Bloomberg is now speaking out as to why the rapper received special treatment!

A source explains:

"Diddy heard his helicopter had not been cleared for landing, and said he wouldn't go to Jersey if he couldn't get there on time. His team spoke to the police, and he was driven — like a head of state — in his Bentley with three SUVs in a convoy, with two police cars in front, lights flashing, and another behind."

However, the Mayor claims that the only way this would have been allowed is if there were a "security issue," and explains:

"The bottom line is the police department should treat everybody exactly the same. If you don't get a police escort, P. Diddy shouldn't. I would assume there was no reason for [the police escort], but I just don't know."

We have a feeling that he's very curious to find out what exactly happened, and it's not going to be pretty!

Seriously - a helicopter OR a police escort? Who the eff does he think he is?!

Either way, we doubt Bloomberg's going to let something like this happen again for quite some time, so we hope Diddy makes proper arrangements in advance from now on to get where he needs to go!

[Image via WENN.]

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This Does NOT Fill Us With Confidence, United Airlines

united grounds its 757 boeing fleet

Might be time to make the move to Delta…

United Airlines has grounded its entire fleet of Boeing 757 planes for "unscheduled maintenance."

Here's what United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson had to say about it:

"Specifically … United is performing follow-up maintenance checks starting today to the air data computers on its 96 Boeing 757s. All of the air data computers are fully functional. The checks are necessary as part of a modification process to the system."

Apparently, each check takes 60 to 90 minutes, and the fleet should be up-and-running again in 12 to 24 hours.

More from the FAA's Laura Brown:

"This is a voluntary action on United's part, and we will follow up as necessary."

Obvi we approve of airlines taking any AND ALL necessary measures to keep their planes in perfect working order, but it's a bit unsettling that this is an "unscheduled maintenance" and that it's putting their entire 757 fleet out of commission for as much as a day.

You're gonna lose a lot of business like that, United. Why is this happening all at once? How long have we been flying on potentially unsafe planes???


[Image via AP Images.]

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