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Oprah's Favorite Things 2012 — First Look!

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Every-bod-ee gets a CAR! Or a sweater cape, or ANYTHING super luxurious Oprah LOVED in 2012!

We're not talking about some low-budget shiz either, cuz it's the most wonderful time of the year!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to get your first look at Oprah's Favorite Things of 2012!!

Why do you care about the best, most tear-jerking giveaway show (besides Extreme Make-over: Home Edition) on the face of the earth??

Cuz this year there's a TWIST!

This year ANYONE can win a chance to come to her show. Yeah, we're kinda excited!

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The Wanted's Fabulous Magazine Cover

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The Wanted's Fabulous Magazine Cover

FAB-U-LOUS indeed!

Apparently The Wanted has survived Liam Payne's ridicules insults, and are doing fine — VERY fine!

The five British boys recovered from Liam's digs in time to shoot a sexy cover photo (above) for the next issue of Fabulous Magazine. We gotta admit, those guys clean up reeeel good!

Barney Stinson was right! Suits are a thing of joy! HA!

The Wanted-covered issue hits shelves Nov. 4th.

Hopefully the fellas have something to say about their feud with One Direction!

[Image via Fabulous]

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Leona Lewis Is Glamorously Fabulous!

Hey sparkly lady!

After pretty much wearing a Snuggie for a night out last week, Leona Lewis is reclaiming her fashion sense on the cover of the UK's Fabulous magazine.

For her Elisabeth Hoff close-up, the Bleeding Lover strikes a pose in a gunmetal sequin dress by Andrew Majtenyi and Francesca Marotta ring.

Inside the mag, Leona continues to slay in a Wallis dress and necklaces by Butler and Wilson and Atelier Swarovski by Christopher Kane.

Absolutely stunning!

Check out more of her Fabulous spread (below)!

[Images courtesy of Fabulous UK.]

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North Korea's Dear Leader Kidnapped Mickey Mouse!

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Turns out North Korea's young tyrant, Kim Jong Un, lurves him some Pooh!

The dear leader had Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and other Disney characters perform for him during an official event in his home country earlier this week.

From what we understand, the beloved western characters danced around as clips from Snow White, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast and other Disney movies played on a massive backdrop.

Disney insists that Mickey and his pals were taken against their will… or at least without The Walt Disney Company's permission.

Ch-Ch-Checkout clips from the show (above)!

This blatant — and fabulous — act of media piracy will probs go unpunished, because he has WOMDs it's no big deal!

Still, it's nice to know the nuclear-owning-Un is a fan of Walt's work!

Perhaps he'd like to put some of his explosives in the Disney Vault??

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Celine Dion's New Frenchified Tune In Full!

And c'est très magnifique!!

To send you off on a fabulous pre-fouth weekend Friday, we teased with a snippet of Celine Dion's all new, all Français single, Parler à Mon Pére (Talk To My Father) off of her all French CD debuting November 5th…

And to wish you a happy Monday, we introduce the track in all its FULL French-Canadian gloriousness!

While we may not understand all the words, sentiment and passion pulsate through Celine's heartfelt vocals and the track is enjoyable regardless of what languages you speak.

So listen while Celine chats to her Father (above), and perhaps it'll inspire you to talk to one of YOUR loved ones!

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Madonna's Vogue Performed By Kindergarten Class

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Meet the most fabulous 5-year-olds in the history of the universe!

Some genius Kindergarden teacher decided that playing Hot Crossed Buns on the recorder was out — and Madonna was in!

So, he had his students play the most appropriate Mage song he could think of… Vogue!

Now, let's get to it! Ch-Ch-Check out the Mr. Avina's class sing (above)!

We've seen many renditions of Vogue, but this is by faaaar the most adorable!!

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Simon Cowell: Getting Britney Spears Was A Battle!

Simon Cowell: Getting Britney Spears Was A Battle!

Oh, she's worth it!!

Booking Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as new X Factor judges, may have been the all-time best decision Simon Cowell EVER made!

We all know fabulous things do NOT come easy. So, it's not shocking that getting Brit to sign on the dotted line was tough a freak'n battle!

After making the big announcement, Cowell admited:

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