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CNN's Reza Aslan Devoured By Critics For Indulging In Cannibalistic Rituals With Controversial Hindu Sect For His New Special!

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If Reza Aslan only had a brain, he probably wouldn't have eaten one to exploit a barbaric sect of Hinduism during the most heated political climate in decades.

The religious scholar is facing biting criticism after he ate part of a cooked human brain with the Aghoris of India as part of his new CNN show.

The backlash came after the 44-year-old teased a clip of his new show Believer, a six-episode "spiritual adventure series" exploring the world's most mysterious and fascinating religious groups.

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Aslan previewed his meeting with the Aghoris — a sect of Hinduism that worships Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction — who have been known to eat human flesh, drink urine out of human skulls, and smear themselves with ashes of corpses.

The TV host partook in some of these cannibalistic rituals, including eating human brain tissue, and teased his unconventional snack in a Facebook post on Sunday:

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Harry Potter Actor Jim Tavaré Suffers Multiple Injuries In Terrible Car Accident

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Jim Tavare involved in terrible accident.

We are sending him all the positive energy we can muster!

Jim Tavaré, a British actor who played Tom, the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, has been in a terrible accident that has left him with multiple injuries including a broken neck.

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His wife Laura posted an update Tuesday on Jim's Facebook page and wrote:

"Jim has asked me to let you all know that he was involved in a serious car accident yesterday, a head on collision. He's currently in ICU intensive care. He has 15 broken ribs, fractures in both breastbones, a punctured lung, multiple breaks in his right leg, and a broken neck. He's had 2 blood transfusions so far and is about to go in for his first surgery."

She added:

"Please hold some good thoughts for him as he fights his way out of this."

A photo (below) of a badly injured Jim accompanied the post, although he was also seen giving a thumbs up. We can only hope that means he's feeling optimistic about the recovery process.

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Richard Simmons' Former Client Details The Troubling Behavior The Fitness Guru Exhibited Before Going MIA!

richard simmons client speaks out

Richard Simmons' step back from the spotlight isn't a surprise to everyone!

As you may know, there are currently a lot of rumors circulating about the fitness guru's MIA status — especially now that the podcast Missing Richard Simmons is highly ranked on iTunes. While Mr. Simmons' longtime rep, Tom Estey, claims the 68-year-old is doing just "fine," a former client of Richard's is now speaking out about the changes she saw in the weight loss expert over the years.

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Marie Garofalo, who was a regular at Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills for three years, has since opened up about how Richard's demeanor truly changed during those final years at his (recently closed down) fitness center. Marie revealed to People:

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Pregnant Woman Mocks Pregnant Giraffe's Livestream! WATCH HERE!

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The Internet strikes again!

As we reported, the entire world is fascinated by the livestream of April the Giraffe, who (as of this writing) has NOT given birth to a baby calf just yet.

In typical YouTube fashion, the viral event has already spawned several parodies and spoofs!

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On Sunday, Erin Dietrich — a pregnant woman from South Carolina — decided to mock the Animal Adventure Park mammal by donning a giraffe mask and mimicked April's anticlimactic video on Facebook!

In the seven-minute clip, Dietrich paces around her bedroom, does some stretches, and even breaks out a dance… basically doing everything except giving birth!

To see the hilarious video, ch-ch-check it out (below)!

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VOTE: Would You EVER Wear Rihanna's New Puma Collection??

Let us know!

Rihanna was taking it back to school for her latest Fenty x Puma collection in Paris on Monday!

The songstress and designer unveiled her new line during Fashion Week, and it had everyone talking!

In case you missed the livestream on the brand's Facebook, we picked just three of RiRi's outfits (above) for you to take a good, long look at.

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So, now we can't wait to hear your thoughts…

[Image via Fenty x Puma/Facebook.]

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Disney's Beauty & The Beast BANNED At Theater Over Gay Character!

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We were so excited to hear that Disney was finally going to have their first confirmed gay character in the Beauty and the Beast remake.

Not only has Le Fou always seemed a little head over heels for Gaston, but it's also ABOUT DAMN TIME we got some representation! We ARE some of Disney's biggest fans after all!

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But not everyone is gay for the news.

The Henagar Drive-In Theater in Henagar, Alabama has officially decided to DROP the movie from its upcoming schedule based on the news. In a Facebook post, the owner of the "family-friendly" theater explained:

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More Fucked Up Racism! Man Unleashes Disgusting Rant On Walmart Employee — Watch The Whole Shocking Video!

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walmart racist creep video go back to country

Enough already!

Just when you think you've heard enough from racists, there comes another totally fucked up racist video of some creep showing their true colors.

The latest one took place at an Irving, Texas Walmart and involves a woman named Adela (her friend Liz Colunga posted the video on Facebook), who is a naturalized citizen from Guatemala.

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From when the guy declares he's paying for everyone's medical bills (unless they're white) to assuming only white people work hard (not true), he couldn't be more out-of-line or insulting. He must be getting his alternative facts from Donald Trump.

We must say, props to Adela for keeping her cool because we would've lost our shit all over this pig.

Check out the video for yourself (below) if you can stomach it.

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