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Looks like someone is taking the failure of her latest album a little hard!


Christina Aguilera has the distinct honor of being this week's New Weekly cover girl!


Not so flattering, bb! Probably just a bad angle though!


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XTina's Manager Says: "No One Is Giving Up On Bionic"


It's kind of surreal to think it has only been two months since Christina Aguilera released her fourth album, Bionic. What's truly baffling is that, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, her people still believe it can do well commercially.

We never hear the Bionic songs on the radio. We don't know anyone who was particularly thrilled with the videos. And, quite frankly, Xtina hasn't said word one about the album since it's release and there are rumors - unsubstantiated right now - that RCA is ready to drop her ass! So shouldn't we all just put the thing to rest and move on?

Aguilera's manager says "No!"

Irving Azoff took to his Twitter to announce that though the album hasn't had any kind of real success, "no one is giving up on Bionic", especially not RCA or Christina. According to him, Christina has a nice long-term contract with the label that isn't going anywhere and her absence from promotion is due to the fact that she is completely focused on working on new music for her upcoming film Burlesque.

Wait. Doesn't that mean that she is giving up on Bionic?

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FAILtina's New Single Gets Lost Amidst Good Music


Oh, Xtina!

We tried to warn you. We expressed our concern for how awful this album was. You chose to ignore us. Enjoy the repercussions.

You probably had no idea that Christina actually released her latest single already. You also probably didn't know that the video for the single, You Lost Me, already had its VEVO debut.

You're not alone.

Despite how "hyped" the video and song were, it's getting literally no airplay on US radio. Because no one has heard the song, no one is downloading it either. As of today, You Lost Me is not even in the top 200 on the iTunes singles chart.


That stings!

Well, you can always say you tried, girl…even though you failed!

Let's hope Burlesque fairs better than this!

(What are we saying? Of course it will! One word: CHER!!!!)

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Is Xtina Feuding With Her Record Label?


That's what some music insiders are saying.

Since Christina Aguilera's album, Bionic, flopped BIG TIME, sources are saying that her record label RCA is in "rescue mode."

And they SHOULD be!

Bionic barely sold 200,000 copies in its first five weeks of release and even made UK history for being the lowest-selling album to make it to the number one spot in eight years. She also had to cancel her summer tour.

Insiders say that her label "has done its part, but she's headstrong. There have been candid conversations between her and the label about connectivity, but it doesn't seem that she's been open to that dialogue."

A rep for RCA has denied that there's tension adding that FailTina "is a pillar of the RCA Music Group and is an undeniable talent with one of the greatest voices of our time. She continues to push herself as an artist, and we are behind her efforts 100 percent."

Her manager, Irving Azoff, added, "I am the one who deals with the label, and this couldn't be further from the truth."

We're not buying it! RCA is most likely doing damage control and wants Xtina to shape up!

[Image via WENN.]

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FailTina Fails At Getting Her Hair Did Too!

Good lord, what the hell is she thinking?! It's HIDEOUS!

Check out this video of FailTina on the set of her latest music video - for her second single You Lost Me - with this absolutely FUG new hair!

What the eff color is THAT?


Or maybe just the color of your poop when you drink too much Pepto Bismol!

Let's all pray that this is just some stoopid look for her music video!

Fail, fail, and fail!


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Ouch! Xtina's Album Has Biggest Drop In UK History!


As if things couldn't get worse for Christina Aguilera!

Even though her album Bionic debuted in the #1 spot on the Official UK Album Chart, in only two weeks, her album took a DRAMATIC drop to the #18 spot.

This means her album has the biggest drop from number one in the history of UK charts!!!

Sorry, Floptina!

[Image via WENN.]

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How About "No" Xtina!!!

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For some reason we can't even begin to fathom, Christina Aguilera will be taking to the court at the Staples Center tonight to sing the National Anthem at the last game of the NBA finals.

No, you haven't traveled back in time to Tuesday. Someone thought it would be fun to hear Failtina sing the song AGAIN!

Boo! Not fair! Give some other artists a turn! It's not like she even enjoyed doing it the first time. (Note in the video above, Xtina walking away before she was even done with the song!!! LAME!)

Some people are calling Xtina a good luck charm for the Lakers. We'd like to direct their attention to the Billboard chart to check out the numbers for her new album, Bionic.

Bitch has no luck to speak of recently, as far as we can tell.

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