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Letter From Ke$ha To Lady Gaga Faked, But Still True

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There is a letter going around the internet that is supposed to be from Ke$ha to Lady Gaga calling her out on wearing real fur.

This letter has been called "not legit" by Ke$ha's management team, saying she didn't write it, but that doesn't make it any less true.

Ke$ha LOOOOVES animals! She's the Humane Society's Global Ambassador!

The hoax (but still true) letter said:

"It upsets me to see you, a role model to many, especially those who are fashion forward would openly endorse such a cruel and inhumane practice. Animals are skinned and tortured for hours in order to make the fur that you, and other individuals of the upper class, lavishing wear around proudly."

The letter then begs Gaga to change her ways, saying:

"I can not begin to explain the amount of torture, harm and cruelty that is used when handling these animals that are ultimately killed for your pleasure. I hope this note has struck a chord with you and you strongly reconsider your decision to wear fur again."

Again, we know the letter is fake but everything it says still rings true.

Wearing fur is wrong and cruel and should not be done by ANYONE.

Especially someone others might consider a role model.


[Image via Daniel Tanner/WENN.]

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Cat So Cute, It Has To Be Fake!

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This kitty is too cute!

Check out the video (above) to see this cat play with its owner. Is it real? Is it fake?

It's too hard to tell!!!!

The only thing we know for sure is that it wants a finger! LOLz!

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Ian Somerhalder Thinks Fur Sucks

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Ian Somerhalder is a huge animal lover and champion for environmental causes.

He even started his own foundation, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation which will do anything as long as it helps animals or the environment.

So when there was a new anti-fur initiative, Ian jumped right in.

He tweeted:

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Michael Moore Vs. Cutest Puppy On Jimmy Fallon

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Jimmy Fallon had Michael Moore on as a guest.

During the show he pulled out an "old clip" of Michael Moore on a "talk show" where he debates against a puppy.

Check out the above HIGHlarious video of Michael Moore debating with the cutest puppy ever.

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Animals Skinned Alive To Make Fake Uggs

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Racoon dogs

We feel sick.

Fake Chinese Uggs are made by literally skinning raccoon dogs alive.

The animals are smashed into the ground, which we can assume is to try and stun them though it doesn't appear to do anything since they're fighting and writing around the whole time.

Then their skin is literally peeled off their bodies as they struggle, unable to do anything.

Once their skin is completely gone they are just tossed into a pile, still alive, waiting to die in agony.

And that's how Chinese knock-off Uggs are made.

There is a video of all of this actually happening on camera on youtube that we are NOT including because we couldn't make it past the 15 second mark of it's over six minute run time.

Don't buy fake Uggs.

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