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CNN Takes Shots At Donald Trump With New 'Facts First' Campaign — Watch!!

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CNN is serving facts in new campaign.

CNN is blasting the critics, namely the one in the White House!!

On Monday, the news network dropped a new slogan "Facts First" to Twitter, along with a new video campaign to go along with it. And while it's never made explicit, it's seemingly in response to Donald Trump's excessive usage of "fake news" when referring to CNN.

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Showing an image of an apple, a narrator continues to state it's not a banana, as much as someone might lead you to believe:

"They might put BANANA in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a banana. But it's not. This is an apple."

You know, it's probably in response to a message like this:

The shade! LOLz!

Watch it (below) and let us know your thoughts!!

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Is Even Donald Trump's Twitter A Lie???

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We know Donald Trump is a liar. It's an easily provable fact.

But we always thought at least his ridiculous Twitter feed really was him. It's what we've always been told. Sean Spicer even went on record as saying Trump's tweets "are considered official statements by the President of the United States."

But it appears some of the tweets are not FROM the President of the United States.

Photos: 10 Times Trump Helped Spread Fake News!

On Wednesday, Trump's social media manager, Dan Scavino, Jr., slipped up and sent out the exact same text verbatim on both his own account and the President's.

Ch-ch-check out the screen shot evidence (below):

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Regrettably, We Must Report That Donald Trump Is Back On His Bullshit

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On this, the day before Memorial Day, our President Donald Trump has returned to America from a long trip abroad, and he's also returned to Twitter, where he is busy memorializing the men and women who have died to protect this country, and championing the veterans home and abroad who still protect it.

Just kidding!!!

Trump is back on his bullshit, y'all.

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After rumors swirled during his trip abroad that a whole team of lawyers might have to see his tweets before he posts them, it's clear that's not happening, because early this morning Trump was back online spewing out bullshit.

Here's the whole line of crap he had to deliver about the "fake news" (below):

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The Biggest April Fool Of All! 10 Times Donald Trump Helped Spread Fake News!

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We aren't the biggest fans of April Fools' Day.

At this point haven't we all seen the danger of the spread of "fake news" as Donald Trump likes to call it?

Of course, he's referring to actual news reported by actual journalists doing their homework.

Whether he's using propaganda for political gain, buying into ridiculous conspiracy theories, or just misunderstanding the news and talking out of his stupid ass, 45 is truly the President of Fake News.

So in honor of April 1, here are a few times Drumpf was the biggest fool of all…

CLICK HERE to view "10 Times Donald Trump Helped Spread Fake News!"

CLICK HERE to view "10 Times Donald Trump Helped Spread Fake News!"

CLICK HERE to view "10 Times Donald Trump Helped Spread Fake News!"

CLICK HERE to view "10 Times Donald Trump Helped Spread Fake News!"

CLICK HERE to view "10 Times Donald Trump Helped Spread Fake News!"

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Hillary Clinton Shares A HOT #Pizzagate Burn For Donald Trump's Dropped Comrade — AND His Son!

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Hillary Clinton may have taken some time off from the public eye after her defeat, but it looks like she's finally hungry for more!

Donald Trump's National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned on Monday amid reports he illegally told Russia's ambassador about impending sanctions President Obama was about to order.

Video: Kellyanne Conway Is In NO MOOD To Trump's Latest White House Scandal!

And in 30 minutes or less, Hillary delivered a hot, fresh #Pizzagate diss to add to the disgrace!

See, Flynn's son, Michael G. Flynn, tweeted just after the election:

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Hackers Compromise The AP's Twitter Account, Spread Lies About White House Explosions & Injuries To The President

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Whoa! This kind of prank is NOT COOL, especially in the wake of the last week's awful attacks in Boston!!

The Associated Press's Twitter account was hacked today, and the person or persons responsible sent out a reprehensible tweet saying President Barack Obama was injured by two explosions in the White House!!

That is a horrible prank!! What a disgusting lie to spread to a nation so recently wounded!!

The White House quickly issued a statement saying both the iconic building and our President were unharmed and the AP's account was suspended once Twitter realized what a hacker was responsible.

Ugh! This is even more dangerous and reprehensible than "Swatting!"

As Twitter becomes an increasingly more legitimate distributor of news, security precautions must be taken to ensure these kind of malicious pranks can't effectively be played!

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