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Sylvester Stallone Abused His Half-Sister & Paid Her To Stay Quiet!?

sylvester-stallone-abuse-half-sister-blackmail-mom-defends-him Toni-Ann Filiti

Not according to Mama Stallone!

New documents reveal Sylvester Stallone's half-sister, Toni-Ann Filiti, accused him of abuse in the late '80s and the action hero paid her crap-loads of cash to keep quiet!

As horrendous as those allegations sound, Jackie Stallone swears her son would NEVER do that!

Apparently the Rocky star's half-sister shook him down so, on his lawyers' advice, he paid her $2 mil up-front and continued giving her monthly payments of $16K.

Jackie revealed:

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LeAnn Rimes: Brandi Glanville Is A Drama Junkie!

LeAnn Rimes: Brandi Glanville Is A Drama Junkie!

LeAnn Rimes and her trophy husband Eddie Cibrian are sick — and it's NOT cuz they have been munching on laxatives!

It seems the couple's queasiness is induced by the antics of Eddie's ex, Brandi Glanville.

Lately the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has had a LOT to say about Mz. Rimes's step-mothering skills: insinuating that former country star addicted to Adderall, is negligent to her boys and has "severe mental issues."

Clearly LeAnn is OVER IT!

She claims that none of Glanville is LYING about her for the attention. Le's rep tells sources:

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Lindsay Lohan Is Brainwashed By Dina?

Lindsay Lohan Is Brainwashed

Who to believe??

Sweet and innocent Lindsay Lohan has been brainwashed by her evil mother… according to Michael Lohan!

After hearing Lindz defend Dina Lohan over the nature of their violent argument — even taking the heat off her mom by "confessing" that she LIED about Dina being on cocaine — Mike is positive his ex-wife is controlling his daughter like a puppet.

He claims:

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Michael Lohan Speaks Out On Dina-Lindsay Fight! Pleads For Dina To Sober Up!

This story just gets more and more depressing.

We haven't been huge supporters of Lindsay Lohan's dad in the past, but Michael's message in the video (above) seems totally sincere.

Then again, he's making this plea on television, a venue to get the most attention. So…

The famous father went on ET to speak about the events that led up to the Lilo–Dina Lohan brawl Tuesday night.

He explains why the cops were called, and why he accused Lind's mom and driver of kidnapping the star.

After telling his side of the story, Daddy Lohan PLEADS with his ex-wife to seek help, and DEMANDS she sober up for the sake of their four children.

This poor family. We don't even know what to think anymore!

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Lindsay Lohan Speaks On Dina Lohan Fight, Calls Family 'F**king Crazy'

Lindsay Lohan Dina Lohan Car Feud

Just another day in the dramz-filled life of Lindsay Lohan, we suppose…

Hours after a violent outburst over wanting to borrow her daughter’s limo and reportedly, $40,000, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Dina Lohan’s behavior early this morning had LiLo frantic!

Not only has Michael Lohan spoken out about calling the cops after the whole ordeal — which left Linds with scratches and a broken bracelet — but now Lindsay has opened up to her friends about it!

A pal close to the actress revealed:

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Katherine Jackson Remains Extremely Disappointed In Her Kids Behavior

katherine randy rebbie janet jackson michael jackson paris blanket prince famil dramz continues

Turns out the Jackson family drama isn't over! Not by a long shot!

Katherine Jackson will not press charges against her children for the Arizona fiasco, but tension between family members remains incredibly high.

Apparently, the Jackson family matriarch feels wounded and betrayed by Janet, Rebbie, and Randy Jackon's actions and she's nowhere close to forgiving them.

A source close to the family explains:

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And The Greedy Mastermind Fueling The Jackson Family Feud Is…

Randy Jackson Evil Mastermind

Randy Jackson!

No, not the lovable bassist who works on American Idol for a few cents an hour and wouldn't leave that judge's chair unless someone pried him out with a crowbar!

We mean the other RJ!

The RJ who claims

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