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Christian Bale's Mom Reaches Out After Oscar Win

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Unfortunately, he hasn't responded. Some wounds take longer to heal than others.

You'll remember a few years ago, before Christian Bale was an Oscar-winning actor, July 2008 to be exact, that his mother, Jenny Bale, and his sister accused him of assault on the night of his premiere for The Dark Knight. Since then, the family has had zero contact with Christian, though Jenny has tried many times to reach out to him. Her most recent attempt was shortly after her son won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor Sunday. She sent him an email, but he has yet to respond.

Despite his blatant attempts to ignore her, Jenny remains hopeful that their relationship can be repaired. She explained to sources:

"I stayed up late to watch on TV. I was nodding off but had to stay awake to see my son’s big moment…. The family are so pleased for him. This Oscar is well deserved…I’d love Christian to walk through the door right now. I’d give him a big hug and a kiss and we could forget about the last three years."

Easier said than done, we imagine.

Christian seems to be in a very good place right now. Perhaps it would be better to let him be and enjoy this time in his life. Then, maybe, when he is ready, he'll want to repair the damage as well.

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Miley FURIOUS Over Billy Ray's GQ Interview!


It truly is so sad how undone this family has become.

In light of Billy Ray Cyrus' unfiltered interview in which he speaks out openly against Disney and what it's done to his family, MileyBird is reportedly furious with her father, whom she claims hasn't contacted her since December!

A source reveals:

"To say Miley is angry is an understatement. She's furious that her own flesh and blood would make a private matter so public. Who does he think he is, Michael Lohan? This isn't what a father does. He never said a bad world about Hannah Montana all those years it made millions for the family, and now that Miley has turned 18 and is making her own decisions, he does this. Unforgivable. Miley has told him that if he wants to talk with her he has her number. It's been the same number she always has had."

As much as we think Billy Ray was at his wit's end and trying to make things right in that interview, we definitely think that he dropped the ball on being a parent for quite some time, and this is unfortunately a case of too little, too late!

Hopefully their family can leave the past in the past and make a sincere effort to try and rebuild what is clearly a very broken relationship.

What do U think?? Team Miley or Team Billy Ray?

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Naked Grandma LOLs!

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Ew! No, not really!

But this is HIGHlarious!

Check out this clip from the Family Feud! (above)

Things have gotten raunchy since Steve Harvey took over! Damn!

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Family Feud Puts Gary Coleman's Funeral On Hold

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Despite plans to have Gary Coleman's body laid to rest this weekend, a family feud between ex-wife Shannon Price and Gary's parents has put the Utah funeral on hold until further notice.

Sue and Willie Coleman are planning on filing an action for legal control over their son's remains and would like to see his body sent to Zion, Illinois, his place of birth.

Their lawyers have stated:

"The Colemans don't want to fight with anyone. They just want to bring their son home."

Gary's agent Sheila Erickson is telling a different story though, saying that the couple have "different plans than what is in Gary's will. It's clear that Shannon is the one that Gary wants to represent him, as she did in the hospital. He didn't mention, at any time, his parents."

Meanwhile, Gary's attorney is saying that "no one's come forward with what appears to be a valid will. He had an old trust prepared, by whom I don't know. Every copy was unsigned. He just simply wouldn't take the time to go and get that done."

It's so sad that even after his death, he's still having so many troubles with family and finances.

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Orange Oprah Still In Massive Denial


We hate to say it, but this denial is worse than ANYTHING that awful, famewhoring Michael Lohan is doing!

Dina Lohan is once again blabbing to the press about how fine her mess of a daughter, Lindsanity, is, and we can't even laugh at how delusional she is.

Says Dina of Lindsanity:

"They scared the hell out of my girls. Ali called me hysterically crying. They were hysterical and petrified of him. I spoke to the [police officer] and said, 'You don’t have a warrant, get out!' Lindsay is absolutely, 100 percent, not [a bad influence]. Ali is amazing. She loves her sister. Would I let my daughter go anywhere that's dangerous? I mean, come on, Ali and Lindsay need to be protected from their ex-father. That's the dangerous situation. He's creating a worse situation for everyone. Michael's not well. Nothing he does surprises me. He's dangerous. He's not going to be able to [intrude] again and get that close. Ali doesn't want to see him again. She has a block on her phone because she was so petrified of him. He needs to pay child support and leave his kids alone. I'm not going to sit idle and watch bad things happen to my kids."

Sorry, lady. You've been sitting by idly for years now watching bad things happen. Why would anything change now?

So sad.

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Lindsanity Continues Twitter Rampage Against Father!!


Oh, she is PISSED!

It's an all out war of the crazies right now at the Haus of LOLhan, and the world's favorite trainwreck, Lindsanity, is tweeting up a storm after her psychotic, famewhoring father Michael stormed down girl's apartment with the fuzz to get 16 year old Ali out of that crack den!

After detailing the entire incident in 140 characters or less, LiLo started responding to other Twitter users with these gems:

@Lara_Disco my lawyer isn't answering I NEED A RESTRAINING ORDER! MY SISTER AND FRIEND TOO!!!!! HE'S NUTS!!!

@Jeannette___ my BUILDING didn't STOP him, isn't it supposed to be safe? THAT'S WHY I MOVED HERE! it coulda been FAKE cops! dressed up!

@SpikedTequila they have no right to…. no warrant or anything

@Werix i'm calm, i just feel that everyone needs to know the truth this time.

@deb_forman if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.. bad karma

@Evan_Guerin i'm not angry, i am wondering what the world is coming to when my father can hire cops and walk into my apt w/out notice

@Evan_Guerin not to mention, he's the one that's been in prison most of my life…he, or the sheriffs had NO legal grounds to be here at all

@criswatts i am always okay….. i'm not afraid of anything*i mean that

No, bb, you are NOT always okay. Especially not now.

It's pretty bad when the authorities would agree to a Michael Lohan inspired plan just to try and get you help.

As for Michael, he tweeted - surprisingly lucidly:

Lindsay can twitter all she wants. This is about Ali and her welfare. Ali is 16 and Dina has no right allowing Ali to be in such elements

What an absolute disaster.


P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!!

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