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Teen Mom Coming To Hollywood!

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teen mom farrah abrahms moving to hollywood to pursue acting career

This wouldn't be so awful if it wasn't sending a terrible, TERRIBLE message to young teenage girls. You know, get pregnant, get on TV, and that will make you a movie star!

Really, this is so disheartening.

Star Magazine is reporting that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is planning a big move from her small town in Iowa to Hollywood. Sources close to the young mother, including her baby Sophia's paternal grandmother, Stormie Clark, claim that Farrah ""telling everyone that she's moving to L.A."

Another sources close to Farrah and Sophia adds:

“Farrah wants to become an actress and has been consulting a publicist/manager for advice on how to make her move, hire an agent and get a complete makeover. Her head has gotten so ridiculously big since Teen Mom became a hit — Farrah's confident she's going to be famous!"

Wow. Acting, really? How inspiring.

This is instead of going to, oh we don't know, college perhaps? You know, to learn something and better yourself for not only yourself but your daughter who'll undoubtedly look up to you as a role model.

Where is this girl's mother while this is all going on? Isn't anyone knocking some sense into her and trying to get her to have real conversations about her future?

Or is everyone just letting her ride this MTV gravy train right into the nearest welfare office because that's what we see in this girl's future if she doesn't wise up!

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Teen Mom Farrah Abrahm Denies Neglecting Her Daughter

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Can we just preface this with how confused we are about how these girls got so famous. We get that the show is popular, but what kind of message is it sending teenagers having these girls put their difficult lives on display, but then show them all glamorous in magazines?

We just had to put that out there.

A childcare worker for Teen Mom star Farrah Abrahm stepped forward this week to claim that the teenage mom regularly "forgot" her daughter and left her with her for up to 12 hours a day and sometimes up to seven times a week.

Farrah has finally come forward to deny these claims, insisting that she would "never forget" her child and that this woman is only making up stories "to make money" from magazines. She told sources that her daughter Sophia is "all [she] thinks about" and refutes the woman's other claim that her daughter hasn't been growing physcially and mentally as other children her age. She insists:

"Sophia has been walking- she's been walking for 9 months. That includes when Brittney was taking care of her…Sophia is doing awesome - she's healthy and really good - a cute little toddler now. She says lots of sentences, like "I love you" all the time. She loves watching Barney. She plays with the kids in the park on her "park day" all the time. The other day she was with us while we were walking my sister's dog and she was sharing the dog with all of the kids on the playground. Sophia is very nice child; she knows her manners and she's very friendly with other kids."

Sounds well adjusted to us, but that's if we take your word on this.

Trouble with being on a reality show when you have kids is that the show needs just as much, if not more attention than your actual child. Some adults don't know how to handle this kind of a situation, so how are we to expect a girl her age can?

It's really very sad, for both her and her daughter.

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