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Kendra's Dog Farts In Her Face!!

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Sounds like Kendra Wilkinson has some farty dogs!

All Kendra wanted to do was go to sleep, when her doggy decided to jump up onto her bed and snuggle up.

Which is normally not a problem, except the dog farted in her face!

She tweeted:

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Whoopi Does Her Name Proud And Farts On The View…Again!

Oops! She did it again! LOLz!

Back in May, Whoopi Goldberg farted on Barbara Walters on The View…and we're STILL laughing about it!

Today, our gurl once again let one rip on air (above), and she TOTALLY kept her cool!

Good for her! She's an inspiration to everyone out there who gets embarrassed when they fart!

It's a perfectly natural part of life, and we give Whoopi credit for embracing that fact!

Loves it!

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Super Hippo Poo!

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Hippo poo!!

So gross but sooo funny.

We love the fact that someone took time to add in the sound effect.

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Jessica Simpson Admits To Farting 15 Times More Than The Average Person Via Twitter

Jessica Simpson Fart Twitter

Jessica Simpson admitted that she farts 15 times more than the average person, and she admitted it on Twitter. To everyone. Because for her, when someone says, "Don't cross the line," she says, "What line?"

Here's what she tweeted:

“The average person expels flatulence 15 times each day! The average pregnant woman farts 15 times that!”

Awesome. Thanks Jessica. We're glad you're using social networking to the fullest.


[Image via WENN.]

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A Baby's First Snart

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Snarting is gross when adults do it. But when an adorable and tiny little newborn sneezes and farts at the same time, it becomes the cutest and funniest thing ever.

Watch this baby get 'er done above.

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Marines Not Allowed To Fart In Afghanistan!

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Squeeze them buttocks, soldiers!

Marines have been told that they are not allowed to audibly fart in Afghanistan because it offends the Afghan people.

There are several things that Marines are told to stay away from, such as cussing, talking politics, religion, and basically anything concerning females. But farting is really pushing it. Ahem.

We guess it's best if you stay away from those extremely gassy foods.

And next time you feel an air biscuit coming on, just hold it in until you're in the privacy of your own barracks.

[Image via WENN.]

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Kim Kardashian Has Never Pooped!!

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We hope you're not eating your breakfast while reading this.

In the latest issue of Cosmo with Kim Kardashian on the cover, the reality star says that she's never passed gas and she's never gone #2!


That can't be real. We know you're a lovely young woman, but there's no possible way you have never pooped before, Kim! Unless of course you're a robot, a ghost, or a unicorn. You must have some magical bowels! LOLz.

[Image via Cosmo.]

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