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X-Rated X Factor Contestant Speaks Out : I Wasn't Naked

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Yeah, but you were damn close to it.

Earlier today, we reported that the PTC is going after FOX and The X Factor for broadcasting this gentlemen's audition above. They've filed a complaint with the FCC, which probably joins a pile of complaints that come in every day from the PTC. We actally kind of feel bad for them.

And we're over it , so anyway…

This contestant, Geo Godley, has come forward to insist that not only was he not naked, but what he was wearing could be found simply by walking down the beach. Inspired by his Greek Island culture, Geo wore a G-string to his audition, adding:

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Ricky Martin Interview Incites Church Protest

church protests station after ricky martin interview

Looks like the Oscar Aguero Ministry did NOT like the interview between Ricky Martin and a Miami Univision affiliate station.

The ministry condemned the station for portraying Martin as "a role model to the children who watched the program at the child friendly hour of 7 to 8 pm.”

They had issues with the interview because Martin discussed his earliest sexual encounters, as well as the first time he fell in love with a man.

Here's a statement from the ministry:

“Univision's complicity in transmitting this message deserves, on our side, our complaints before the FCC — the entity that regulates media in the Unites States — which says that any pornographic, indecent or obscene content can be reported as a complaint.”

BOO to that!

Spreading awareness of an important subject such as homosexuality in youths is NOT pornographic, indecent, OR obscene!

This Church should be ashamed of themselves. Ricky Martin is most definitely a role model.


[Image via WENN.]

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FCC Opening Up Airwaves To Create ‘Super Wifi’

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This is exciting!

The FCC is opening up unused airwaves between television channels for wireless broadband networks. This will allow for faster and more powerful wifi hotspots.

They’re calling it “wifi on steroids,” and companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Dell are already making plans to develop the market.

Soon you’ll be able to get all of your celeb news at the speed of light!

[Image via WENN.]

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Controversial Family Guy Abortion Episode To Be Available On DVD!

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Do you think they planned it this way?

Last year, FOX came down hard on Seth MacFarlane and Co. and insisted that one of their episodes of Family Guy be taken off of the roster for the season. The episode, if you may recall, was about Lois having an abortion and many of the suits felt like the storyline was too outrageous for primetime.

But now, faithful Family Guy followers can finally see the never-before-seen episode of the series, as FOX is putting it out on DVD at the end of September.

The episode, titled Partial Terms of Endearment, will not be available for download so they can suck as much money out of you as possible. After viewing the episodes, sources advise that the show will only truly be appreciated by devoted fans of the show. The "uninitiated" or the "faint-of-heart" may want to turn on episode of Happy Days instead.

As for us, we're totally going to watch it, just to see what all the effing fuss is about. Family Guy has gotten away with some pretty disgusting and morally ambiguous stuff over the years, so this must be EPICALLY horrifying if it couldn't make the air.

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What's Wrong With A Horse Ejaculating?!

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A lot, according to the FCC!

The FOX network is under fire from the Federal Communications Commission after failing to respond to 100,000 complaints over an episode of American Dad.

Apparently, that many people were offended when an episode of Seth MacFarlane's show back in January depicted a horse ejaculating.

Because they are not supposed to do that? Where do you think baby horseys come from???

Since the network bosses have repeatedly ignored the enquiry and have yet to respond to the complaints publically, the network is being threatened with a $25,000 fine.

Lol! That's it? You guys have gone soft! MacFarlane makes that for every 10 minutes he works on Family Guy! That's chump change.

Also, why should FOX respond? A hundred thousand complaints isn't that much if you think about how many people actually watch the show!

Get the stick out of your ass, FCC!

[Image via WENN.]

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Family Guy Causes More Dramz With Its Nastiest Episode Yet!

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Happy 150th episode, Family Guy!!

The often-controversial cartoon is once again coming under attack for its most recent, very special episode called Brian and Stewie, where Brian is cajoled by the infant into eating his poop, and then subsequent vom!

Tim Winter, the President of The Parents Television Council, says:

"It seems as though 'Family Guy' creator, Seth MacFarlane, carefully reviewed the legal definition of broadcast indecency and set out to violate it as literally as he could. Given the patently offensive depictions of one character eating excrement out of a diaper, then eating vomit, and finally licking the remaining excrement from a baby's bottom — while the baby expresses physical gratification from having his bottom licked — we believe that the broadcast decency law has been broken. We will also hold publicly accountable the corporate sponsors which underwrote this feces-eating broadcast, ironically a number of which were restaurants."

We're sure it's only a matter of time before the FCC files an official complaint!

Not that it's a shocker!

We couldn't even sit through the entire episode! It's pretty rough.


[Image via FOX.]

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Parents Complain To The FCC About Grammy's Revealing Fashion


While tuning into the 52nd Grammy Awards, some viewers were so enraged by what performers like Lady GaGa, Beyonce and Pink were wearing they filed complaints with the FCC!


Here are some hilarious, misspelled and grammatically incorrect highlights from the complaints:

From Pittsburgh, PA:

During the viewing of the Grammy award ceremony, we witnessed Lady Gaga (if you could call her a lady) show the viewing audience her mostly bare behind, and frontal crotch area. I had children watching and do not appreciate what I would consider inappropriate dress…

From Savannah, TX:

Please fine them and compel whomever puts such smut on the television to make it viewable for people of all ages - and that includes commercials (so no Enzyte, feminine products, cheat on your spouse ads either) - or find some way to prevent shows like this from being aired on television at all.

From Douglasville, GA:
The Grammy's 1st 3 acts were outlandish! Lady Gaga was barely covered below the belt! Her rear end was very exposed and that is inappropriate. Pink wore a nude suit, however you could see her tattoo's through the suit so I am apt to believe that you could see her rear end while dangling from the ceiling. Beyonce grabbed her crotch and proceeded to get down on her knees where her breast almost fall out of her dress…My children were watching this durning PRIME TIME and this is what they view. How disappointing this was. I had to explain to a 10 year old why turning on a tv now is a hazard!

From Lawrenceville, GA:
…beyonce simulated fellatio+lady gaga's nude buttocks and vagina was publically aired to the public. too pink did her routine in an outfit which only covered 5% of her.cbs publically aired to the public which we are all totally disgusted by shots of pinks nude buttocks&shots of lady gagas nude buttocks and vagina&direct shots of pinks nude vagina which was very barely covered…cbs should be fined BILLIONS just to insure the cbs does not ever publically air female nudity or shots of women performing a simulated sex or sex act ever again.

From Pineville, NC:
The opening act (8pm) was Lady GAGA. Show and she went too far in the costumn. The lower section of her skimmy attire-is best described as a thong. Just barely enough to cover her lower pubic hair area and she literally showed her buttocks as she ascended stairs-which revealed her exposed butt! Very inappropriate for the 8 pm viewing slot. This is the 2nd time Lady (?) Ga Ga was allowed GaGa to expose her bare buttocks on TV. Ga Ga and Jewel both pushed the envelope last night and lost us a viewers. Clean it up or send um to an R rated station! Who's minding the store, before this stuff airs in 8 PM slot?

It's hard to take these complaints seriously when they don't know how to spell or even know who was actually performing.

What do U think? Were the outfits too scandalous???

[Image via AP Images.]

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