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Just Kidding! IRS Revokes Multi-Million Tax Lien Against Dionne Warwick!

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You don't hear about the United States government doing this every day!

While Dionne Warwick had a $2.2 million federal tax lien filed against her back in 2009, an apparent result of unpaid taxes from the '90s, the IRS has officially revoked it all…as it was an accounting mistake!

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Mitt Romney Releases His Tax Returns! He Made $42.7 Million In TWO Years!!!

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mitt romney tax returns released

Words like "daaaaaammmmmnnnnnn" come to mind!

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has released his tax returns, and yeah - the guy (and his wife) made $21.7 million in 2010 and $21 million in 2011!

As far as taxes are concerned, they paid $3 million back to the government in '10, and they paid $3.2 million in federal taxes in '11.

Over those two years, Romney's tax rate was slightly under 14%, which is still higher than many Americans…but still pret-ty damn low given how much $$$ he's making!


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Things Are Looking Up For Val Kilmer! He's All Paid Up With The IRS!

val kilmer settles up with irs

Between this news and that HIGHlarious SNL digital short, we gotta say we're impressed with Mr. Kilmer right now!

To recap…last December, Val Kilmer was in debt to the IRS for nearly $500K in unpaid federal taxes, even though he had JUST settled a different debt a few months before that!


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REFUSE TO LIE! Gay Couples Won't File Their Federal Tax Returns Separately!

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More power to them! We can't commend them enough for taking such a massive stand!

Throughout the country, many married gay and lesbian couples have refused to file their federal tax returns separately this year, even though federal law STILL does not recognize same-sex marriage as legal!

Activists working under the "Refuse to Lie" campaign have decided that instead of checking "Single" or "Head of Household" status on their tax returns, they will take the risk and file with their partners!

Nadine Smith, executive director of Equality Florida, explains:

“More people are refusing to lie on those forms, even though the government is telling them to. It would be both dishonest and deeply humiliating to now disavow each other or our marriage and declare ourselves single on our tax form. People who follow this example need to do so with a clear head about the decision they are making and that what could happen is unclear. It’s not without risk.”

According to the Refuse To Lie website, in order to prevent getting in trouble while still declaring yourself married to your partner, you can 'adhere to the law while expressing that you disagree with it' - by putting an asterisk by the "single" box and then indicating that you are "only single under Defense of Marriage Act," or by attaching a note with a similar sentiment.

The website also explains that both people in a couple can file their own single return with the aforementioned attachment, and then file an amended return together:

"Once the I.R.S. rejects the amended return, or if six months passes and they do nothing, the taxpayers who file an amended return have the right to file suit in Federal District Court claiming the refund."

Wow. This is a huge statement to make, but such a powerful one!

Obviously, this isn't something that all couples in this predicament should feel they have to do, but for those who are, and are taking such a bold risk - congratulations for refusing to cooperate and letting the government blatantly marginalize our RIGHTS AS PEOPLE.

We are so proud of everyone taking a stand!

This kind of discriminatory nonsense will NOT be tolerated for much longer!


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Jaime Pressly Owes The IRS BIG TIME!

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It's been a rough month for Jaime Pressly.

Earlier this month she was arrested on a DUI charge and now things have gone from bad to worse.

Sources say that the star owes $637,000 in Federal and state taxes.


According to public records, the IRS filed a $260,370 tax lien against her on December 6, which was added to another $281,699 lien that was filed against her on September 8. And that's ON TOP of a $95,080 lien filed by the State of California.

Tsk tsk! We'd feel bad for you honey, but you need to pay up!

[Image via WENN.]

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