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Judge Rules That Michael Jackson's Mom Should Pay Court Fees!

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michael jackson bad 3ra the bad era 24350687 500 341

Well, this is it!

Remember when the concert promoter AEG Live won the trial against Katherine Jackson, who claimed that the company negligently hired the doctor convicted of causing Michael Jackson's death?

Well, now Katherine has to pay their legal fees, according to judge Yvette Palazuelos, a sum that will be somewhere north of the $800,000 mark.

The ruling came yesterday, and although it's not be contested now, Katherine's lawyer says that it might be appealed after the specific language of the ruling was reviewed.

Last week, a motion was filed by her lawyers saying that the cost would be covered by her and MJ's three children, who are all supported by his estate!

However, this shouldn't be too pricey seeing as how since his death, the estate has earned hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Lindsay Lohan Owes Ex Lawyer More Than $300,000 In Unpaid Legal Fees!!!

We KNEW there must've been a reason why!

After Lindsay Lohan dismissed her clutch lawyer Shawn Holley for a much shadier one we were all like what?!?!

But new evidence makes the logic behind her actions MUCH clearer!

Apparently, Lohan owes her recently fired lawyer over $300,000 in unpaid legal fees and hasn't made a single payment to her in half a year!!!

Here's what one source said:

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Man Wears 70 Articles Of Clothing On International Flight To Avoid Baggage Fees

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airline passenger china 70 articles clothing avoid baggage fees

There's frugal, there's cheap, and then there's wearing everything you own at once to save money!!

According to an article in China's Guangzhou Daily, a man flying from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in China to Nairobi, Kenya was dismayed when ticket agents said his bags exceeded the allowed weight limit and that he'd need to fork chopstick over extra cash to check them on the plane!

Did the dude grit his teeth and pay the money?

Nope!! He unzipped his suitcases and carried his clothing with him the cheapest way he could… on his body!

According to the report, the man put on 70 additional layers of clothing! SEVENTY! Eye-witnesses say he wound up looking like a sumo wrestler!

He also stuffed all his batteries, phone chargers, and flash drives into his many, many pockets!

It's an interesting way to circumvent shelling out extra cash, but we feel terrible for anyone standing behind him at the security checkpoint, LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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Facebook Tries Out $1 Messaging Fee????

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Facebook User Message Fees

Facebook is looking to make some changes.

After its IPO lost millions, it looks like the social network is looking for a different revenue stream — you!

Facebook is trying out a new system in a small market that will allow users to message people they aren't friends with for a nominal fee. Insiders say they're starting at one dollar and going from there.

Previously, you could choose privacy settings that kept you completely unavailable to unwanted strangers, but not anymore.

Facebook believes the fee will keep your inbox from filling up with spam. They're saving that for the ad space on the right, and there's also a limit on how many messages an individual user can receive.

Only time will tell if the practice will go global. If so, get ready to see some messages you weren't expecting and shell out some shekels to expand your circle of friends.

"Poking" users you don't know is still illegal in 49 states. Watch your backs, Idahoans! LOLz!

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[Image via Facebook.]

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Mel Gibson's Stepmother Demands Payback Ransom Divorce Fees

Mel Gibson Bag

Mel Gibson may be hard at work trying to be a good parent, but his own parents aren't giving him a great example right now.

Mel's stepmom Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson is demanding that Mel pay all her legal fees for her divorce from his father.

Hutton Gibson filed for divorce amid family disputes over how to handle his failing health, but Teddy has a Conspiracy Theory that blames Mel for the split.

Teddy says that Mel owes her an estimated $65,000 in legal fees to go along with the $15,000 a month in alimony she is demanding.

We don't know who to believe in this mess, but we hope it's clearer to legally trained ears. A judge will rule on the claim today.

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Lindsay Lohan Has Kept Her Lawyers In Business!

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And has sent all of their kids to college and paid off the mortgage of their summer houses and bought them all new cars!

Funny how she doesn't have any of those things herself, huh?

Let's be blunt: Lindsay Lohan has been a mess that past few years. We're glad to see her finally getting back on her feet and making good on her promise to clean up her act, but it doesn't change the fact that we've seen her more times in an orange jumper than we have at movie premieres. Considering that fact and the fact that we're all still in a hard economic time, we began to wonder just how much money LiLo has spent on her lawyers over the last say, oh let's go with five years.

In the opinion of attorney Vikki Ziegler, she may have blown through her ENTIRE Playboy salary — and then some! According to the lawyer:

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Spirit Airlines Screws Its Customers AGAIN! Raises Online Booking Fee

spirit airlines screws customers again

Oh, Spirit Airlines! You never cease to disappoint us!

To recap, Spirit became the first American airline to charge a fee for carry-on baggage back in 2010. Ugh.

Then, back in June we heard the LAME news that the airline had plans to start charging $5 for boarding passes printed out by Spirit agents EACH WAY.

They had said that they wouldn't charge anything extra if you check in online or print your own boarding pass…but it looks like they're making up for that with new added fees!

That's right, folks! The airline has just announced that they'll start charging NEARLY $34 in fees to buy tickets online!!!!!! WTF!!!!!

Apparently, they

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