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Sunset Junction Festival Isn't Going Down Without A Fight!

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As we reported yesterday, the Sunset Junction Festival — a very popular event for the Los Angeles community — has been shut down by the city due to unpaid fees.

But the festival's organizers and supporters are fighting to keep it alive.

Their plan is to raise over $141,978.57 by Wednesday morning. If they can accomplish this, the board that denied their permit will re-evaluate the situation.

In a statement released on their website, the organization tells supporters:

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Boo! Spirit Airlines To Charge $5 Boarding Pass Fee!

spirit to charge five dollar boarding pass fee

This is SUCH bullshiz!

Last year, Spirit Airlines became the first American airline to charge a fee for carry-on baggage, which we thought was seriously lame.

Then, they briefly SORT OF won us over with some of their funny ads, such as their recent "Weiner Sale!" ad.

No amount of weiners can make up for their new policy though: starting November 1st, they'll charge $5 for boarding passes printed out by Spirit agents EACH WAY. WTF?

There won't be any charge if you check in online or print your own boarding pass, but just on principle we find this ridiculous!

We understand that people use Spirit Airlines because they have cheap flights, but what's the point in offering discount flights if you're going to add extra charges for EVERYTHING! We've even heard that they charge for water on Spirit flights. SO uncool!

Here's what Spirit President and CEO Ben Baldanza had to say about the new policy:

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Lily Allen Vs. Ryanair!

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Hell hath no fury like a Lily Allen scorned!

The singer recently took to Twitter to express her distate with Ryanair when the airline charged her £40 for having to print out her boarding pass when she attempted to catch a flight to Belfast to launch her new clothing line!

She wrote:

Ryan Air have just charged me 40 quid to print out my boarding pass. Unbelievable.

Oh, and now they've taken it off of me. 40 pounds for a piece of paper that was mine for approx. 7 mins, wow….


Granted, it DOES say right on the website that there is a fee for lost boarding passes, but £40?!

We have to agree, that's pretty excessive!

Guess you better read the fine print a little better next time, gurl!

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Ambulance Fees Rising All Over The Country!

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This is so unfortunate.

The bad economy is truly hitting the USA hard, and is now even affecting ambulance providers all over the country to the extent that many have had to increase their prices!

According to Stephen Williamson, president of the American Ambulance Association, a lot of this has to do with rising costs, decreased support from local government, low Medicare reimbursement rates, and a rise in uninsured people.

Williamson goes on to cite a 2007 Government Accountability Office report explaining that providers were previously paid in a Medicare reimbursement rate 6% below cost, but in remote areas, the gap had widened 17% - and is continuing to grow!

Furthermore, while providers used to be able to use subsidies from their local government, a lack of resources have cut that down significantly, forcing the usage fees to increase!

Steve Weigand, the director of servicing for the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics, elaborates:

"We're having to raise the rate on everyone else because of the people who don't have insurance."

Nobody should have to suffer an injury, illness, or worse - and then have to be concerned about paying for an expensive ambulance fee!

Hopefully soon our government will find a way to rectify this serious issue.


[Image via AP Images.]

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Oprah Drama!

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And the network hasn't even launched yet!

Oprah’s new OWN network is tripling the $0.07 per month fee for cable and satellite providers that they pay for the Discovery Health network that it replaces. Many are waiting until their deals with Discovery Health expire in order to renegotiate.

The network generated $18 million in advertising revenue this year and the already existing fee would generate about $64 million annually from subscriber fees.

Wonder why they're getting so greedy.

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Comcast Vs. Netflix

netflix vs comcast

Don't mess with our Netflix Instant Streaming, Comcast! We've got four perfectly good seasons of 30 Rock waiting for us on there!

A central partner of Netflix, Level 3 Communications, has accused Comcast of charging a new fee that adversely affects Internet video companies.

Here's what Level 3 chief legal officer Thomas C. Stortz had to say about it:

“With this action, Comcast demonstrates the risk of a ‘closed’ Internet, where a retail broadband Internet access provider decides whether and how their subscribers interact with content."

Dramz between the two companies started on Nov 19 when Level 3 claims that "Comcast demanded a recurring fee to transmit Internet online movies and other content to Comcast’s customers who request such content.”

Here's what Stortz had to say about Comcast's demands:

“Level 3 agreed to the terms, under protest, in order to ensure customers did not experience any disruptions."

According to a recent study, Netflix accounts for 20% of Internet download traffic in the U.S. Due to that fact, it makes Netflix a threat to Comcast and other cable companies who seek to protect subscription TV and video-on-demand services.

Senior VP at Comcast, Joe Waz, argues that Level 3 and Netflix are sharply increasing Internet traffic with their efforts to ween customers away from DVDs-by-mail and towards online streaming.

According to Stortz, Level 3 will be asking government regulators this week to do the following:

"to take quick action to ensure that a fair, open and innovative Internet does not become a closed network controlled by a few institutions with dominant market power that have the means, motive and opportunity to economically discriminate between favored and disfavored content.”

This could def get ugly! All we know is we would hate to lose our Netflix Instant service, and given the fact that Netflix just went up in price, we're thinking subscribers would NOT be happy if prices went up again so soon!

Work this out, you two! Seriously.

Team Comcast? Team Netflix? Team "I Don't Care I Just Want To Continue Streaming Movies Online?"

[Image via WENN.]

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Kardashian Kard Kosts Krazy $$$

kardashian kard is hard to keep up with

Sure, it would be kool to karry around the pre-paid Kardashian Kard…but is it kost effective?

There's a lot of skepticism out there about this kard because of all the fees associated with it.

The Kardashian Kard costs $99.95 to use for 12 months, and there's a card purchase fee of $9.95 AND monthly fees of $7.95.

Sounds like it's kind of expensive to keep up with the Kardashian Kard!

Here are some of the other costs associated with the Kard:

-$1 fee to add money to the kard

-$1.50 to speak with a live operator

-$2 per transaction for automatic bill pay

Guess the big question is whether or not these extra fees are a lesser evil than the drama/fees/debt potential associated with credit cards.

What do U think about the Kardashian Kard?

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