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Spunky Kitten To Beat You Down With CUTENESS!

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Nikita is a BAAAAAAD girl! LOLz!

This feisty kitty cat doesn't mess around when it comes to play time…

You step up to her, you're about to get DEALT WITH!!!!

Who are we kidding, we'd tap out so fast because we know this kitten would just suffocate us with PURE ADORBz CUTENESS!!

Gasp!!! GASP!!!!!! We can't breathe!!! TOO PRESCHUZZ!!!!!!

Told ya she would get the best of us….HA!

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Vanessa Hudgens Has A Close Call With Paparazzi While Biking To Yoga

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Vanessa bike 2
Vanessa Hudgensbike

Woah, gurl! Keep your eyes on the road, not the paparazzi!

Biking to yoga is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Vanessa Hudgens, however, nearly killed three when she almost hit a cameraman trying to catch her on tape on Wednesday!

Yikes! Was that an accident or was V-Hudge getting feisty?

After she arrived to her El Lay yoga studio she must have had a change of heart toward the photogs because she enlisted their help for some bicycle repairs!

Love them or hate them, paparazzi are just people too and we're sure some of them are pretty nice.

Check out more Vanessa pics below!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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MORE Deets From The Set Of Brit Brit's New Music Video!


Oh man. This keeps sounding more and more HIGHlarious!

We cannot WAIT to see it!

More details are emerging about the music video for Britney Spears' latest single, I Wanna Go, and it's really looking as though the pop star is having QUITE a bit of fun with her public image, as well as some of her career missteps…AKA her bust of a movie, Crossroads!

According to a source on set:

She shot today at the Universal Studios back lot. The video will take place in NYC. That's where they shot it at anyway. There's even a movie theater that says "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder." I'm not kidding LOL.

She shot a scene where she's driving, she gets pulled over, steps out of the car and is frisked by a hot police officer. So, it seems like the video will kind of be a parody.

As far as the way she looks, she's wearing jeans, a pink bikini on top and a jacket. Her hair looks pretty, and she has pink braids.


Is it just us, or does it seem between this and all of her Rapture Tweets over the weekend that gurlfriend is getting a lot more feisty lately?!

If so, we APPROVE!

It's about time she looked as though she was having fun again!

Good luck with the rest of the shoot, lady!

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Image via WENN.]

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Wino Gets Feisty In The Supermarket!

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We're going to say this has something to do with those HORRID ballerina slippers! They've got the devil in them!!

Although Amy Winehouse has clearly cleaned up her act, girlfriend's still got the fight in her!

Our Wino was minding her own business while she did some grocery shopping yesterday in Camden but was unnerved by some fellow shoppers trying to snag a shot of the trainwreck singer on their cellphone.

This got Amy all cranky and instead of politely asking that he put it away, she shoved it out of her face!

Hey, it's better than her old headbutting routine!

But she still better be careful! What if she broke that thing? Cells can be expensive. Wino then cooled her beehive and continued shopping.

Let's wait and see if she can make it through St. Patrick's Day in one piece before we christen her a CHANGED woman.

[Image via XposurePhotos.com.]

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