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Martha Stewart Is All About Bulldog Rescue!

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Martha StewartMartha Stewart has two adorbz French Bulldoggies named Francesca and Sharkey.

What's not so cool is, Martha got her dogs from a breeder!

Adopt, don't shop!!

At least right now, she is finally promoting animal rescue and adoption, posting about the doggies on her personal blog.

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Male Guppies Hang With Ugly Buddies To Seem More Attractive!

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In a new study at Italy's University of Padua, they found that male guppies would rather hang around less attractive males when in the presence of females!

This sounds like something that humans could use to their advantage. Ha!

What the researchers did was

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Quote Of The Day

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Snoop Dogg quote of the day

"To write rap I've got to smoke a lot of weed. I need some music, old music, R&B, hip hop, anything that's '70s, '80s, '60s. Something that's inspiring. Then I've got to have a couple of females around for inspiration."

- Snoop Dogg Lion on his song-writing skills

[Image via WENN.]

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Dolphin Mafia Terrorizing The Australian Seas!

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Male dolphins are running the drug trade of Australia!

Ok, not really.

But when it comes to female dolphins, their male counterparts are displaying some very Mafia-like traits.

Dolphins will

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Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant’s Cooks Walk Out Over Sexism

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Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant’s Cooks Walk Out Over Sexism

Gordon Ramsay is famous for being asshole, but apparently he takes it too far with women.

The cooks at Gordon’s restaurant in The London NYC hotel walked out last weekend and haven’t returned since.

They say that the restaurant is sexist. The male chefs reportedly call themselves, “Gordon’s Soldiers.”

Chef Janet Kim says sexual harassment is the norm in the kitchen. "We're way past 'Hell's Kitchen,'" said Kim. "It's more like 'Dante's Inferno.'"

Kim’s formal complaint outlines that she was groped, called a "whore," and propositioned for oral sex at the restaurant.

Every cook that walked out has been suspended from the restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay’s rep released the following statement:

"Gordon Ramsay has not been served with any proceedings and these allegations do not relate to him in anyway. The restaurant 'Gordon Ramsay' at The London, New York is not owned or operated by Gordon Ramsay or Gordon Ramsay Holdings (GRH) and hasn't been since November 2009 when all operations were handed back to the hotel. Neither Gordon Ramsay or GRH have any involvement with or responsibility for the operation of the restaurant, including anything to do with human resources which is entirely the responsibility of the owners."

This is a mess. Hopefully this wraps up and new policies are put in place that prevent sexism!

[Image via WENN.]

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