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It's A Boy! Sources Close To Mariah Carey Confirm Pregnancy!


We guess we won't really know until if/when an announcement is made, but we're thinking this could be legit!

A source close to Mariah Carey is not only claiming that the singer IS, in fact, pregnant with husband Nick Cannon, but that the couple is having a baby boy!

The reason for the secrecy?

Mariah is superstituous about her age, and had to go under fertility treatment to conceive - and she plans to make the announcement while promoting her new album, Merry Christmas II You!

The insider elaborates:

“She’s having a boy, but the reason that Mariah didn’t want to say anything is because she is 40, and she’s superstitious. But she’s going to appear on Oprah and The View, so she’s planning on making the announcement soon. They haven’t decided whether they’ll raise the baby in New York or Los Angeles. The fertility drugs were the reason for her weight gain earlier this year. She stopped drinking back in March or April this year.”

Wow! Again, none of this would be unexpected, but we'll wait to hear it from Mimi's mouth before we accept it as truth!

But if so, congratulations, bb! What a wonderful gift!

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Katie Price Reveals Her Struggle To Conceive A Child With Alex Reid

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Despite having three children already from other relationships, Katie Price recently opened up about her struggle to conceive a child with husband Alex Reid in her new book You Only Live Once, and reveals that the couple even went in for fertility treatments!

She writes:

"After marrying Alex I had only one thing on my mind - having another baby. I'd love to have another four, in fact. But by April 2010, after we had been trying for eight months, I became so worried we made an appointment with a fertility doctor.

We were having ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) which has a 65% success rate. It would involve me injecting hormones to stimulate egg production.

After two weeks, once the eggs were ready, the doctor would retrieve them. Just before that procedure, Alex would provide a sperm sample. An individual sperm is selected and injected into each egg. Then, when the embryos have started to grow, it's time to put them back into the uterus. I was anxious, but I thought, 'Surely this will work as I've had three children?'

As I left the clinic I felt a surge of excitement. I thought, 'I'm pregnant!' And in a way I was, because now I had the embryos inside me all they had to do was grow.

I convinced myself I was having twins. I didn't care about feeling so bloated, uncomfortable and unattractive. If I was pregnant then none of those things mattered. For the first few days I held on to the feeling of optimism, but then the waiting got to me. Then I started experiencing stomach cramps and bleeding. Alex and I had been so hopeful, so excited, and now all our dreams were dashed. I know I'm lucky to have three beautiful children. While Alex doesn't yet have a biological child, he is still part of a family with kids. I am sure we'll have a baby together one day. If we aren't successful in our attempts then we will adopt."

Our heart certainly goes out to them during what we can imagine to be a very difficult time, but we hope that both Katie and Alex focus on the three children that they already have.

There's not one single right way to have a family!

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Octo-Mom’s Fertility Doctor’s Back Against The Wall

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Michael Kamrava, the doctor who treated Octo-Mom (Nadya Suleman) has subpoenaed two rival fertility clinics who he claims treated Nadya as well. This recent backlash from the doctor comes in the midst of his fight to keep his medical license in California, which he could lose over accusations of “gross negligence.”

In other words, the medical board in California didn’t like it when he stuck eight babies in one lady.

Kamrava claims that two other fertility clinics treated Octo-Mom at the same time he was doing so, which was the cause of her excessive pregnancies. The other clinics are denying the claims and say they don’t have any records of her being there. Kamrava thinks they’re lying.

This entire Octo-Mom situation is just one big ball of stupid.

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Twins For Mimoo And Nick?


The Enquirer is reporting that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are expecting twins!

Mariah supposedly used fertility treatments and visited the California Reproductive Center on Mothers' Day smiling the whole time.

"Mariah is gushing that she's going to have twins," says a source and she's rumored to have already turned two bedrooms into adjoining nurseries in her El Lay pad with Nick!


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No! Katie Price Is Being Fertilized!

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This woman does not need anymore babies and the world certainly can't handle another mother of a gross number of children!

Enough is enough!

Jordan Katie Price is reportedly having fertility treatments so that she might conceive a child with her new hubby, Alex Reid. Sources say that Katie is "so desperate" to have another child that she has been running around, going to all kinds of specialists to find anyway to get a fourth baby.

While sources claim she has not yet been receiving in-vitro fertilization treatment, if she wants the attention baby bad enough, that option can't be too far behind.

Wonder how Peter Andre feels about this? He usually doesn't wait this long before letting us know his opinions!

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