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Fidel Castro Suffers Massive Stroke! Is This The End?!

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Fidel Castro, the longtime leader of Cuba's Communist regime, may be on the verge of passing away!

"A respected doctor" named Jose Marquina tells a Cuban newspaper that the 86-year-old's health is deteriorating so badly that he can barely eat, speak or even recognize people!

After suffering from an embolic stroke, the doc isn't sure how much time Castro has left, but suggests he "could last weeks."

Even if his heart does continue to beat, Marquina says "we'll never again see him in public."

Keep in mind, the politician's party has yet to comment on or confirm the rumor, so we'll keep U updated when we know more!

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Cuba Gets A Visit From Pope Benedict XVI!

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Looks like somebody's Mr. POPEular!!

Pope Benedict XVI stopped by Cuba to hold a special mass for the patron saint of Santiago!

It's been nearly 14 YEARS since a pope has visited the country, making the event an ENORMOUS occasion!!!

On the Pope's agenda?

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Fidel Castro Resigns From Party Leadership

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Castro Stepping Down

Good news from Cuba!

Fidel Castro announced his resignation from leadership of the Cuba Communist Party today. He is 84, and as he leaves he begins to recognize the shortcomings of his party leadership, and is making some changes before he goes completely.

One of the most important things to come of this is easing of Cuban property laws. No long will people have to pass down homes and property in their family, or use the corrupt trading system. Cubans will now be allowed to buy and sell privately owned property!

This had been going on since 1959!

Here are some other things going through change:

Property reform was one of 300 measures called for by the Central Committee including the cutting of 1,000,000 state jobs and the decentralization of the agriculture sector.

In a speech Monday, reported on by the BBC, President Raul Castro made clear that: "…the party leadership was in need of renewal and should subject itself to severe self-criticism"

President Castro also pointed out top political positions will be limited to two, five-year terms, and that concentrations of property would not be allowed.

All of this is very good news for the beautiful people of Cuba!

Not only that, but hopefully things become a little more relaxed to the point where people will want to reach out and travel to that beautiful country without any hesitation! That'd be amazing!

We love you, Cuba! We're so happy to hear that changes are coming! We wish everyone the best!

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Fidel Castro Vs…Cuba?!?!?!?

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Way to be a downer to ALL OF CUBA, Castro!

Here's what the former President of Cuba had to say about his country's economic model:

"…The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore."

TMI, Castro. If you're having issues with your country's policies, there ARE slightly more strategic ways to address them. Now it's gonna be awkward between U and Cuba.

Good luck with that!

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Fidel Castro Admits Injustice To Gays In Cuba!

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This is very curious, indeed!

Dictator Fidel Castro has reportedly gone on the record and admitted that during the revolution in Cuba, he unfairly persecuted gays and lesbians!

He said:

"They were moments of great injustice, great injustice! If someone is responsible, it's me. We had so many and such terrible problems, problems of life or death, that we didn't pay it enough attention."

Call us a little crazy and suspicious, but why is he saying this?

Inneresting, no?!

Either way, we're glad some of the tribulations many endured during his time in power are being acknowledged!

We wonder what else he'll have to say next!


[Image via AP Images.]

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