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NFL And NFLRA Reach Agreement?? Lockout Ending??


Could it be??

Has the NFL and NFL Referees Association come to an agreement??

Have the Packers made the ultimate sacrifice (losing a game based on a bullshizz call from a replacement ref), unintentionally ending the stalemate??

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Fan Throws Live GRENADE Onto Field During Soccer Game!

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Sometimes, sports fans can get a little crazy, throwing things onto the field during a game.

The worst we've heard of at an American sporting event would be batteries being thrown or octopi. (Google "legend of the octopus").

But in Iran, it's another story entirely!

A soccer player picks up what he thinks is a piece of garbage and tosses it off the field.

You'll never believe what happens next!

Check out the video (above) to see the explosive results!

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Bill Murray Entertains Baseball Fans During Rain Delay!

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We love Bill Murray!

Unfortunately for fans, a recent Charleston RiverDogs game had to be delayed due to rain. Luckily for fans, Bill Murray is a part-owner!

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Cat Runs Across Field During Soccer Match

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Just purrfect! That cat ruined the game!

Or made the game! Soccer can be kinda slow some times… so maybe it's a new tactic by FIFA to spice things up.

But most likely a cat just wandered onto the field.

Check out the above video to see a player try and catch the trespassing kitty.

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Meet The New England Patriot Cheerleaders

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If you're rooting for the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl this year, The Insider went behind enemy lines and visited the New England Patriot's cheerleader training grounds to speak with a few of the lovely ladies.

While they are getting paid to look pretty and cheer on Tom Brady, these girls are A LOT smarter than most people would probably give them credit.

When they aren't dancing and cheering their little hearts out on the field, they are working as hospital pharmacists, engineers, and pursuing an education in medical school! Talk about brains AND beauty!

Check out the video above to meet a few of the gorgeous Patriot cheerleaders you'll see on the sidelines at the biggest football game of the year!

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The World's Happiest Dog Jumps Through A Field

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That has got to be the world's happiest dog.

He is just so excited to run through a field.

And when he jumps and pops up out of the wheat, so precious!

We wanna go running through the meadow with this dog.

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David Beckham Celebrates MLS Cup Victory With His Kids

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David Beckham and Kids after MLS Cup


David Beckham celebrated with his three boys after the Los Angeles Galaxy beat the Houston Dynamo 1-0 on Sunday to win their first MLS Cup!

Despite taking home his third championship with his third team in what could be his final season of soccer in El Lay, David was less concerned about the moment and more concerned about his kids.

After the final whistle blew, the soccer superstar immediately ran off the field to search for Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, who joined him and the rest of the team during the trophy ceremony.

Since his sons were too young to enjoy the last two championship titles, it was important for David to share the experience with them, as he explained:

“These are life-changing moments. I’ve been lucky enough to have children at a very young age, so Brooklyn, my oldest, has experienced being on the turf at Old Trafford and seeing me pick the Premiership [trophy] up, and all three of them were on the pitch at Real Madrid and all three of them were there tonight. These are great memories. I want my children to be a part of that. My little girl is a little too young for that but she was there with my wife.”

This may also be the last championship title Beckham is lucky enough to be a part of himself. His 5 year contract, which began in 2007 with the Galaxy, is expired after this season.

At 36-years-old and with a newborn child at home, he's got a big decision to make, telling sources:

“I need to sit back and relax and enjoy this moment and decide what I’m going to do. I might talk in the past tense every now and again but that doesn’t mean I’m not coming back. At the end of the day I need to decide what’s best for me, what’s best for the team and what’s best for my family. We’ll see. It’s been an amazing five years.”

Oddly enough, this is the third soccer championship Beckham helped his team achieve during which he was in his final year of contract.

Can David win another one before he retires or is third time the charm? Either way, congrats on the MLS Cup, guys!

Check out more pics of David celebrating with his kids below!
[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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