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Demi Lovato Talks Drug Abuse And "Brutal" Fights With Miley Cyrus!

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demi lovato drugs

Sh*t's about to get real!!!

Last winter, Demi Lovato went to rehab to treat her cutting and eating disorder. But it looks like there might have been some other issues to deal with…

Demi has candidly revealed to Seventeen that yes, she was doing drugs and abusing alcohol. And yes, she got into some nasty fights with Miley Cyrus!!

She explains:

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Paz De La Huerta Banned From Drinking At Recent Event By Handlers!

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We guess that Paz de la Huerta is done getting drunk and causing scenes!

The Boardwalk Empire actress has been known to, ahem, 'overindulge' on the sauce and partake in scuffles while out and about in NYC, but apparently, while hosting the opening of New York’s Hotel on Rivington bar Viktor & Spoils last week, she was not allowed to drink - by specific instruction from her handlers!

According to reports,

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Teresa Giudice Actually Thought The Housewives Were Her Friends!

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives New JerseyTeresa Giudice is SO OVER IT!

After seeing that yes, she too could be spoken about behind the back, her feelings were super hurt.

The Real Housewife of New Jersey went to her blog to vent her frustrations:

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Fights & Death Threats At Target Over Missoni Collection!



An LA Target turned into a war zone on Tuesday afternoon as shoppers were literally fighting over the Missoni collection.

Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards tweeted:

"fights broke out at our Target over the Missoni and the police are there. Haha! Why does this make me laugh so much?"

Another Los Angeleno tweeted back to Kyle that someone threatened to kill them over a towel.


We don't get it. A lot of the stuff isn't even that cute.

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Court Rules Lucy The Elephant Will Not Be Taken From Controversial Zoo

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Court Rules Lucy The Elephant Will Not Be Taken From Controversial Zoo

So sad.

Animal welfare groups fighting to see a lone elephant at Edmonton's zoo moved to a sanctuary in the U.S. have been dealt a blow by Alberta's top court.

In a split decision, the Alberta Court of Appeal sided with a lower judge who threw out an attempt to use the courts to have Lucy moved.

A year ago, Justice John Rooke ruled that the case launched against the City of Edmonton by Zoocheck and PETA was an abuse of process.The judge found that there is provincial legislation that sets out how captive animals should be treated and it is up to animal welfare officials to enforce those laws.

The animal rights groups argue Lucy should be transported to a sanctuary, but the city says the elephant gets good care in Edmonton and is too sick to move.

Jackass's Steve-O joined the protested for Lucy's releases last spring.

[image via convio.net]

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Michael Vick Takes Anti-Dogfighting Message To Congress

Michael Vick Takes Anti-Dogfighting Message To Congress

Hopefully this is sincere and not a good-will publicity stunt!

Tuesday, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick brought his anti-dogfighting message to Congress bout backing legislation that would penalize those who knowingly attend animal fights and allow minors to attend.

Vick, who served 18 months in prison on dogfighting charges, said he wants to teach kids not to repeat his mistakes and to take profits away from sponsors of these events.

"Help us to reach out to these kids before they go down the wrong path.t's up to the parents to take responsibility and make sure it doesn't happen."

The football star has been speaking at churches and schools along withWayne Pacelle, president and chief executive officer of the Humane Society of the United States.

Pacelle told the news conference, "I had a lot of soul searching to do" before deciding to partner with Vick in efforts to stop animal fighting events.

We don't blame him!

[image via 60 Minutes]

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Elen Rivas' Seski/Scary Anti-Bullfighting Campaign

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Elen Rivas' Seski/Scary Anti-Bullfighting Campaign

Nekked for PETA?? OHEMGEE!

K, it's not real original - but if it anit broke don't fix it!

Spanish beauty, Elen Rivas, is backing their campaign to attempt to get the blood sport banned and has stripped off for an advert to publicise the cause.

In the advert Rivas is seen with four lances protruding from her back as blood pours down, mimicking a bull injured in a fight.

The Spanish model said:

"My ad might be graphic, but it's nothing compared to the bloody, violent reality of bullfights. Most Spaniards – including those in my hometown of Barcelona, where bullfighting was recently banned – are opposed to the barbaric blood sport, and Peta and I are urging British tourists not to be fooled by the industry's propaganda.

‘There is absolutely nothing romantic about torturing and killing animals for entertainment."

Photo: Karl Grant/PETA

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