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Prince William Has A #1 Fan At The BAFTAs & It's Clearly Emma Thompson! Fill In The Blank!

prince william shocking emma thompson at baftas


Emma Thompson never fails to deliver something ridiculously AH-Mazing at awards shows!

And during the 2014 BAFTA Awards, she served it up so damn well when she spotted Prince William at the show.

Emma delivered only the best OMG face we've ever seen! What makes it even better is Dame Judi Dench was so aloof on the other side of the aisle about his royal passing.

But not Emma because she was hollering _________________ when he walked by!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Anna Wintour Meets Her Match! Fill In The Blank!

anna wintour billboard taxi

Anna Wintour saw an image of herself reading Vogue on a taxi ad during NYFW, and smiled because _____________!

[Image via Bee Shaffer Instagram]

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Woody Allen's Spanish Statue Plastered With Anti-Pedophilia Literature! Fill In The Blank!

woody allen spanish statue anti pedophilia literature fill in the blank

Awkward turtle! Torpe tortuga!

Until a few weeks ago, Oviedo, Spain's Woody Allen statue was a popular tourist attraction. Since Dylan Farrow re-accused the director of sexual molestation, however, all of that has changed.

Now visitors are plastering anti-pedophilia messages all over his likeness! It's gotten so bad that cops have had to intervene!

The quaint town's normally good-natured residents keep vandalizing the American filmmaker's statue because ___________________________.

See more pics of Woody's statue (below)!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Anderson Cooper Posts Bizarre Photo Of A Mini Anderson In A Mini-Mini Cooper! Fill In The Blank!

anderson cooper posts pic of his marionette in a mini cooper

What the SHIZ is this?!?

Anderson Cooper has a marionette doll in his possession that was made to look like him and if we're to be honest, it's super creepy!

But it seems now that he has a little Mini Anderson, he's using it for the most evil of all evils: creating puns.

He posted the pic (above) to his Instagram along with the caption:

Mini Cooper in a Mini Mini Cooper. @MINIUSA

LOLz! We like the pun, but we fo' serious cannot get over the creepiness of the doll!

How did he get it?! Was it gifted to him? Did he order it?!


Regardless, when you look at the picture, your first thought is ____________________?

[Image via Instagram.]

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Sochi Olympic's Mascot Bear Is High On Life At The Opening Ceremony! Fill In The Blank!

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Sochi Olympics 2014 mascot bear!

Whoa, dude! That's one totally chilled out bear!!

At the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony, the world was introduced to the official larger-than-life mascots for the winter games!

But, one particular bear looked especially relaxed, which makes us wonder…. this furry beast was smoking ______________ before the ceremonies, which had Putin thinking, "_______________________________!"

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Puppy Bowl Referee Mayhem! Fill In The Blank!

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puppy bowl

Most were watching the Super Bowl this past Sunday, but not us!

We were all about the Puppy Bowl X!!!

The Animal Planet event featured more than a fair share of cuteness, furriness, and adorableness, but the highlight of the night for us involved one of the referees Dan Schachner!

In the picture (above) you can totally see him being dog-handled by lots of amazing puppies!

His face displays horror, but that's a front, and what this celebrity ref is really thinking is ___________________________________!!

[Image via Animal Planet.]

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Joan Rivers Fangirls Over John Mayer At Howard Stern's Birthday Show Rehearsal! Fill In The Blank!


Joan Rivers was clearly trying to say what she needed to say to John Mayer!

Joan and John found themselves backstage for the rehearsal for the Howard Stern Birthday Bash, which happens tonight at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

And what happens when two stars find themselves in a confined space? One of them ignores the other, of course!

Joan posted this photo to Twitter, with this HIGHlarious caption:

"Backstage at Howard Stern's Birthday show rehearsal. Having a great conversation with John Mayer's shoulders!"

We'd gladly have a conversation with any body part of John's!

After this photo was taken, Johnny boy turned around and said, "_________________."

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[Image via Twitter.]

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