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Good-bye, Michael! Steve Carell Has Left The Office!

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And just like that, he's gone. Excuse us while we continue to silently weep.

Last night, Steve Carell made his final appearance on The Office as Michael Scott, and we think that the entire cast and crew involved in the production should be very proud of themselves for such a thoughtful, funny, and truly heartbreaking 50 minutes of television!

For those of you who have yet to see it, A) GO OUT AND WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY, and B) WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

The majority of the episode focused on Michael Scott's last day at Dunder Mifflin. Unbeknownst to the staff, he had scheduled his flight to Boulder - to be with his fiance, Holly Flax - a day earlier than anyone knew, as to avoid the difficulty of saying good-bye to his employees.

Of course, it was an easier feat said than done and by the end of the day, Jim had figured out what was going on, which ultimately led to a heartwrenching moment between the two men as they said good-bye and let each other know how appreciative they were of their time together.

The episode wrapped with Michael at the airport, having parted with everyone but Pam - who had been out of the office for the majority of the day, assuming that she would be able to say good-bye to him later - and finally, in respect to the 'mockumentary' style of the show, removing his mic pack and asking the 'camera crew' to let him know "if this thing ever actually airs."

As he walks away, Pam manages to get through security and, without even getting her shoes on, and they both have the opportunity to say good-bye to each other.

Other emotional moments included a very sweet exchange between Michael and Erin, Andy being entrusted with Michael's top ten clients despite his difficulties as a salesmen, and Dwight finally receiving a truly touching letter of recommendation from the boss he has idolized for seven seasons.


Ugh. Even just reflecting back on it has us emotional!

Even if you have lost interest in the series - we're the first to admit that it's had some bumpy moments, especially in later seasons - we really suggest you check this one out!

The writing is top notch, and frankly, all of the actors out-do themselves here!

Such authentic, delicate performances (which frankly, may be because they were all really that emotional filming these last scenes with Steve Carell, but it only makes it that much more touching)!

We couldn't think of a better tribute to a man who took a HIGHlarious character and filled it, as well as the show itself, with so much heart for so long!

As cautiously optimistic as we are for the future of the show, we think everyone can agree that it just won't be the same without him!

Thanks for the memories, Steve, and for making us smile and laugh for so many years!

You will be missed!

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Steve Carell's Last Episode Of The Office Will Be Extended

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Ugh. They're going to make this good-bye as drawn out and heartwrenching as possible, aren't they?

NBC has just announced that on the night of Steve Carell's final stint on The Office, which will air on the rapidly approaching April 28th, the comedy will be extended to a special, 50-minute farewell episode, from 9-9:50pm.

If there's a silver lining to this tragedy, it's that Parks & Recreation will also have a 50-minute episode, from 9:50-10:30pm, and 30 Rock will air from 10:30-11pm, but we imagine that most of that time will be spent for us sniffling into a tissue!

We can't believe it's almost time to say good-bye to Michael Scott!

Seriously, we're a lot more depressed than we thought that we'd be.

What do U think?? Are U sad to see him go??

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The End Is Here For Larry King!

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Wow. We can't believe that the end is finally here!

After 25 years on air, Larry King Live's final episode will air tonight on CNN!

14 special guests will be appearing on the 77-year-old's swan song, but the only two confirmed so far are Ryan Seacrest and Bill Maher!

Definitely worth tuning in, we'd say! It's going to be a tough good-bye!


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As The World Turns Ends After 58 Years!

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Today is a sad, sad day in the world of daytime television!

The final episode of As The World Turns airs today, after a 58 year run, including 4 years on the radio, and 54 years on TV. Wow!

The show debuted in April, 1956, and has been a staple of American culture for decades.

Here's a statement about the show's ending by CBS' Senior VP of Daytime Programming, Barbara Bloom:

"The true legacy of 'As the World Turns' will be the fictional characters and stories of a small Midwest town that resonated every day with millions of viewers over multiple generations, becoming a treasured daytime institution in the process."

Still kind of hard to believe that this legendary soap opera is ending. Even if you didn't watch the show…it's still a tough reality to accept!

How do U feel about the end of As The World Turns after 58 years?

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