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Hospital Patient Gets Bill For $44 Million!

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Can U imagine getting a financial scare like this?

Alex Rodriguez spent 3 weeks recovering from pneumonia at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York City, but then almost had a heart attack when he saw his bill.

The NYC hospital was demanding $44 million (as a copay) for their services!

Fortunately, it

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Chef Mario Batali Bashes Bankers

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Mario Batali bashes bankers

Chef Mario Batali is joining in on the Occupy Wall Street movement…at least in spirit.

Despite being a member of the 1% and currently fighting off a lawsuit for illegally underpaying his workforce, Mario agrees with the 99% that feel the big bankers are ruining this country.

While speaking at a Time magazine Person of the Year panel, the celebrity chef went as far as to compare bankers to Adolf Hitler, saying:

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Q & A With Dr. J

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Dr. J

We love our family and friends, but does that mean we have to be responsible for their financial irresponsibility?

A FitPerez reader wondering whether or not to issue a loan to a friend in need wrote to life coach Dr. J for advice, asking:

A friend asked if he could borrow some money. Someone told me never loan money to your friends or family, but I feel bad…what should I do?

According to Dr. J:

Playing Pickle as a kid was fun! BUT being in a pickle as an adult can sometimes lead to sleepless nights and uncensored, family-feud, heavy-weight fights. Giving your hard earned money to family or your "family of friends" can be a risk. When people borrow bread, it can go from a dinner roll to a whole loaf before you know it. The first helping hand somehow leads to an open invitation for some people. Are You up for it? If You do embark on a risk, ask yourself, is it calculated or casual? Bottom line, do You want the money back or not?

Some rules of thumb:

- If You Got It and Give It, it will be posted all over the planet! Everyone will somehow now know where to go for some free dough!

- If You Give It…Make 'em sign for It. Ask the bankers who lend money for a living! There are no free handouts! Give them terms before You give them trinkets! Hold them accountable to every cent and be forensic with your funds. Make up a payment plan and a back up plan. Sometimes if you go through measured steps, people are less likely to borrow because they don't want to hang themselves on all that red tape.

- If You Give Your Dinero, Be Willing to Get Back Zero! The reality is, even with the best intentions, the person who borrowed the money may not be able to pay you back. Will that make you resentful? Will your relationship withstand this test? Prepare to be aware of the consequences of your generosity.

Remember, money might befriend people but borrowing money can make friends and family run away!

If you've got a question about how to handle something bothering you in life, shoot us an email or ask the doctor himself @AskDocJ on Twitter!

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James Bond To Return November 2012!!!

mgm plans to release a new bond movie in november 2012

Despite all types of major MGM financial issues, the studio plans to release Bond 23 in November 2012.

The highly-anticipated James Bond movie will mark the second major film out of the newly-opened gate for MGM, following The Hobbit, which begins filming in February.

For those of you wondering how the recently bankrupt studio plans to make a high-budget, James Bond movie, they're currently seeking a partner to fund the film, but based on the deal the studio will retain the film's rights.

If it works out, and they work out all of their financial woes, they plan to release future Bond films once every two years, which will be fully funded and owned by MGM.

No word at the moment on whether or not Sam Mendes is still going to direct the film or if Daniel Craig will return as Bond…but last we heard, Craig was enthusiastic about the possibility of reprising the role.

Are U excited for another Bond movie? Do U think MGM will find the funding to make this happen?

[Image via WENN.]

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