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MLB Rejects Dodgers TV Deal With FOX

Filed under: ZportzLegal MattersBaseball

This won't help Frank McCourt maintain control of the Dodgers!

The owner and the El Lay baseball organization has been in financial trouble for quite some time now, but most recently has suffered another set back.

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has rejected a proposed $3 billion television deal between the Dodgers and Fox Sports because he believes the deal is not in the best interest of baseball and will further divert team assets to McCourt's personal needs.

McCourt has been struggling to pay his players since the beginning of the season, so without this deal it is uncertain whether he'll maintain control of the team or Commissioner Selig will take over.

Check out the video above for the full sports scoop!

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The Wu-Tang Clan's Going To Save Our Economy!

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Someone has to! Might as well be them!

In the video above, you'll find Senate Republican Leader Christine Radgono taking to the Statehouse floor in Illinois to dispense some invaluable financial advice she received from Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan.

You don't need to reread that sentence. You got it the first time.

Check out the video to hear Sen. Radgono regale her constituents with the information she took away from her chance meeting with Raekwon.

To surmise his key-point: Dolla, dolla bill ya'll! LOLZ!

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Gordon Ramsay Still Has Money Troubles - Nearly $1 Million Worth!

Filed under: Legal MattersGordon Ramsay


Things aren't looking too good for Gordon Ramsay in the New Year.

For most of the past year, we've been talking about his financial difficulty and now, sources have uncovered that the TV chef has nearly $1 million in tax liens against him!

According to court documents , there are two outstanding New York State tax warrants against him: one that was filed last month for $419,051 and another from July, filed for $513,003.

Geez! That's quite a pickle you've gotten yourself into. Let's hope your 20 several shows make enough money to get you out of this jam!

[Image via WENN.]

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Sarah Palin Reads - Just Not Well!

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Ah-ha! Foiled again, Sarah Palin!

The former Governor recently lost her patience with The Wall Street Journal writer Sudeep Reddy when he claimed that she didn't get her facts right regarding the price of groceries during a speech she gave, and she responded via Facebook by referencing an article in his newspaper that she claimed said quite the opposite!

However, although no one can deny now that Sarah Palin can read, Reddy has responded to HER response with proof that she just can't read very well!

Reddy proved via Twitter that Palin actually MISREAD the aforementioned Wall Street Journal article regarding grocery prices, which says in its first sentence that it's been "the tamest year of food pricing in nearly two decades."

He also re-tweeted Ryan Chittum, of the Columbia Journalism Review, who wrote:

Palin has a journalism degree, so I'm guessing she knows what an ethical no-no it is to misquote somebody like that. It ought to be awfully hard for her to get on her pedestal and condemn the media when she can't even quote somebody honestly. How about to make it up to Reddy, Palin lets a real reporter like him fly out to Wasilla to interview her for once instead of going to her house folks at Fox News?

Reddy then commented on her Facebook post, and wrote:

Weak demand, high unemployment and thrifty shoppers have led retailers to keep many prices from rising despite the rising cost of some commodities, including coffee and sugar. … Critics of the Fed's quantitative easing policy are focused primarily on concerns about potential future inflation.

And - touché!

Do U need some ice for that burn, Miz Palin? Rebuttal? Please??


[Image via WENN.]

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Scissor Sisters Forced To Cancel European Tour Dates

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Awful! They must be devastated!

The Scissor Sisters have been forced to cancel nine upcoming concerts in Europe due to apparent "funding issues"!

They released the following statement on their website:

“We’re saddened to discover that we are unable to play our scheduled tour dates through Europe. We’re genuinely sorry about this frustrating situation. We’ll try to make it up to you and return to these beautiful cities soon.”

Refunds will be available for all the dates that have been canceled, and luckily, the band's upcoming UK December arena tour is still scheduled to take place.

So strange! We wonder what happened financially that forced them to have to cancel!

Sorry, guys!

We know how disappointed you must be to let your fans down!

[Image via WENN.]

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Keira Knightley Is Moving Across The Pond.

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Ugh, FINE. We suppose we'll take her.

Keira Knightley is reportedly setting up shop here in the USA as a permanent resident!

According to tax documents for her company, Ponder Rights, the actress has switched her primary country from the UK to America!

Great. This probably means we're going to have to endure buttloads of more pictures of her sulking and trying to avoid the paparazzi.

[Image via WENN.]

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