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Amazing! Turtle Recovers From Shark Attack With Prosthetic Fins!!

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Usually when a sea turtle loses a fin due to a shark attack - there's now a finless turtle in the world and that's the end of that.

But when Hu, a 25-year-old female loggerhead, was found by fisherman and sent to the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, Japan - the researchers there were hellbent on getting this turtle a fin again!

They tried 27 times without success. But when they used two rubber fins, held together by a slip-over vest to prevent Hu from breaking free, they found a winner!!

Check out the inspirational story by clicking PLAY (above) !!!

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Paris Hilton Splashes Her Fins In Sexy Siren Commercial

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Splish splash!

Paris Hilton put on some glittery golden fins and splashed around in her mesmerizing mermaid fins for her new fragrance commercial.

The 31-year-old perfume queen posed seductively for the new ad featuring her new fragrance Siren.

Not only does the 2-minute commercial (above) feature Paris' best Ariel impression, but it also gives her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her transforming into a siren of the sea.

As long as the scent doesn't actually smell like an ocean, we're already a fan of the new fragrance!

Watch the underwater wonderland (above)!

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Behold! The Original High Heel Fins


We knew something smelled fishy.

Earlier we mentioned Jessica Simpson's plans to expand her shoe collection to scuba gear, but it turns out she was kidding.

We did some digging and found out the shoes in the picture were created by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat for an exhibit in 2006.

Nice try, Jess.

[Image courtesy of Paul Schietekat.]

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Jessica Simpson's Taking Her Shoes Under The Sea


This is almost as silly as that non-water friendly bathing suit.

Jessica Simpson announced she's expanding her shoe line to scuba fins.

She tweeted on Tuesday:

"Scuba gear coming soon for @jscollection heels for every occasion ;)"

Who knew there was even a market for these things?

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Fish Were The First To Bang!

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Fish first animal to bang

Getting it on nearly 410 million years ago! Ahh yeahhh!

A new study by scientists hints that fish were the first animal to have intimate sex, not only for copulation, but for enjoyment!

Scientist have been studying fossil embryos that suggest fish evolved the ability to have intimate sex by copulation.

Recent genetic analysis of the fish fossils indicates that the same genes responsible for making our limbs, and the pelvic fins of fishes, also played a role in developing the sexual organs of our very distant ancestors.

Wooh - far out!

It seems that limbs and genitals developed via the same developmental pathways, so fossils showing the oldest evidence of pelvic fins (the placoderms) also showing the oldest expression of sexual organs (claspers) might not be such a coincidence.

It doesn't mean that much to us, but the scientific community is buzzy about it!

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Save The Sharks!

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So sad!

Endangered shark species are being killed for their fins and activists are speaking out to the United Nations about it — including victims of shark attacks!

Check it out above!

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