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Today Show Cast & Crew No Longer Blame Matt Lauer For Ann Curry's Firing

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Matt Lauer has been largely blamed for Ann Curry's firing and the Today Show's bad ratings, but now sources are singing a different tune.

Since it's been revealed that executive producer Jim Bell is the person responsible for getting rid of Curry, "the cast and crew have rallied around Matt."

A source has come forward to explain the shift in his popularity on set and said:

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Ann Curry Firing Kills Today Show Ratings

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Anne Curry Firing Kills Today Show Ratings

It looks like Ann Curry will have the last laugh after all!

The ratings came out today, and it was not a good morning for Today!

It seems that with the exception of the 2012 Olympics coverage, the show has been consistently beaten in the ratings by rival Good Morning America.

GMA has pulled ahead by over 800,000 viewers daily ever since Today fired co-anchor Ann Curry at the alleged insistence of anchor Matt Lauer.

NBC even hired Ann back as a "special correspondent" to try to mitigate the audience backlash, but it seems it was too little too late.

We guess Ann Curry's revenge is a dish best served while watching Good Morning America!

[Image via WENN.]

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Matt Lauer Bans The Today Show Crew From Appearing On Piers Morgan!

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We guess even though even though the general public - and even some of his fellow staffers - aren't too happy with him, HE is STILL calling the shots around the set of The Today Show!

Even though the entire cast was invited to appear on Piers Morgan Tonight a week after their competition besting them in the ratings, Good Morning America, did so, it was apparently Matt Lauer who once again decided that NO ONE would be sitting down with the Brit on his CNN show…all because he didn't want to be asked about being behind the firing of Ann Curry!

An insider explains:

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Matt Lauer Bans <em>The Today Show</em> Crew From Appearing On <em>Piers Morgan</em>!Matt Lauer Bans <em>The Today Show</em> Crew From Appearing On <em>Piers Morgan</em>!Matt Lauer Bans <em>The Today Show</em> Crew From Appearing On <em>Piers Morgan</em>!Matt Lauer Bans <em>The Today Show</em> Crew From Appearing On <em>Piers Morgan</em>!Matt Lauer Bans <em>The Today Show</em> Crew From Appearing On <em>Piers Morgan</em>!

Jack Osbourne Was FIRED Following His MS Diagnosis??

We heard the SUPER sad news last week that Jack Osbourne had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and ever since, Jack's been speaking out about the disease and how it's been affecting him.

Jack recently stopped by his mom Sharon's show, The Talk, to reveal a pretty unfortunate situation that he came across after his diagnosis.

Take a look at the clip (above) to hear about Jack getting FIRED from a job because of his MS!

Talk about ignorant…AND illegal!

MS can potentially be a disabling disease, but people with it are STILL able!

While the news of Jack's diagnosis is devastating, we're glad that he's been able to bring awareness and hopefully help educate others on multiple sclerosis!

To hear Osbourne talk more about the symptoms he's had, as well as explain the disease in his own words, check out the video… AFTER THE JUMP!

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Ann Curry Is Leaving Today!!!

WOW. It seems like she JUST started this job (above)!

Back in April, when GMA beat Today in the ratings for the first time in 16 years, we began to wonder whether or not Ann Curry would be able to keep the show from continuing to slip.

Looks like NBC isn’t taking any chances, because sources are saying that execs are planning on replacing Ann as co-host of the show!

Nothing’s been finalized, but we’re hearing that network officials began discussing "different jobs" for her several weeks ago.

We’re also hearing that she’s

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Community Star Says Showrunner's Firing Had Nothing To Do With Chevy Chase!

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Well, one thing is for certain!

Community castmembers OTHER than Chevy Chase are bummed about creator Dan Harmon's abrupt firing from the series!

According to Jim Rash, who plays the Dean on the NBC comedy, the decision not renew Harmon's contract was out of their hands, and they "couldn't love him more!"

Of course, he also stated that the very public fued with Chevy Chase

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The Talk Feud Continues On Twitter…

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Leah Remini Sharon Osbourne Feud

As we reported yesterday, Leah Remini tweeted that Sharon Osbourne was the reason she and Holly Robinson Peete were fired from The Talk. Now, Sharon is taking to her Twitter and speaking up!

The feud continued late last night when Sharon typed a series of tweets in her defense, saying:

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