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So Maybe X Factor Is Keeping Steve Jones??

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So the hot tv gossip this week has been all about X Factor wanting to fire their host — Steve Jones.

Not only are people whispering about that, but they're saying the show thinks Nicole Scherzinger could be his replacement since being a judge has kicked her a$$!

But NOW, according to Steve's reps and the show's, there have absolutely been no talks of the sort whatsoever.

To reiterate, statements read:

There have been absolutely no conversations about Steve Jones leaving The X Factor.

No discussions have been had and no decisions will be made about any contracts until the New Year.

Steve is very happy with the outcome of this season. And he looks forward to being back and discovering more talent in the New Year.

Mmmhmm, no "talks." …. …. ….

What do U think's gonna happen??

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Justin Bieber Thinks Firing Cheryl Cole Was A Very BAD Decision For X Factor!

Justin Bieber Cheryl Cole X Factor

When it comes to X Factor, U know we loOove watching the performances! And while we all may disagree here and there when it comes to our favorites, Justin Bieber agrees with the lot when it comes to the Cheryl Cole firing!

The Biebs let it all out when it comes to the whole 'Simon Cowell fired bestie Chezza' thing:

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Chuck Lorre, Warner Brothers, And Charlie Sheen Officially Settle Legal Dispute!

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We never thought that this day would come!

After almost a year of all-out war, Charlie Sheen, Warner Bros. Television, and Two and a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre have settled their legal issues, with the actor reportedly receiving a $25 million settlement for profits he was due to receive for his work on the series!


Just please - let this be the end of it!

Enough is certainly enough! Ha!

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Ramona Singer Had Jill Zarin Fired From Housewives!

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You could blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol, but in the end, their bitterness ran deep, so we're not surprised at all.

BRAVO cleared house this week as four stars from The Real Housewives of New York City were cut from the show to make room for new blood. To us, the story was particularly interesting because the original housewives aren't saying much about it. Then again, maybe that's because it was one Housewives' mission to make sure the others were taken off the show to begin with!

According to sources, Ramona Singer allegedly played a part in giving Jill Zarin the boot from their show. The story goes that Ramona "came to Bravo with a few pals she thought would make good additions. Bravo decided to go with the new girls and not Jill, so Ramona basically ran her off the show."

However, when pressed about the issue, Ramona swears she had nothing to do with the final decision to have Jill fired, saying:

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New Girls Aloud Coming In JANUARY!

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All right! The countdown is ON!

Although we're sure Cheryl Cole's firing from the US X Factor couldn't have been easy, it very well may have been the best thing for her former group, Girls Aloud, because sources close to them have revealed that all of its members have agreed to reunite in six months to begin recording new material!

The insider explains:

"All is forgiven between Nadine and the rest of the band. It's all water under the bridge. They're excited they're going to be making a fresh start together on this next adventure of their lives. In six months' time, it'll be back to work as normal - they are itching to get back in the studio. Cheryl has been through a lot worse than the US X Factor. She's survived a marriage breakdown and almost died of malaria. She's made of tougher stuff. In fact, they have all got so much more experience between them now. They have all been through so much and come out fighting, and they will reflect this in their tracks."

Hell yeah!

That's the spirit, girls! Take all of that frustration and anger and channel that into some AMAZING music!

We have a feeling that they're going to back with a vengeance! And better than ever!

We can't wait!

What do U think?? Are U excited for the return of Girls Aloud??

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Damn! Someone Else Is Getting Fired From The Spider-Man Musical!

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Geez! Is there anyone else left from the original gang???

The producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark have decided to completely clean the place out of all their creators. Sources are reporting that the show's choreographer, Daniel Ezralow, is in the midsts of being replaced!

This is actually rather shocking to us, considering that Daniel is a excellent artist, whose work has been praised in productions all over New York, including in this show! That's right! Read some of the reviews. One of the few things critics do agree on across the board with the show is how much they love the mid-air battles, which were all Daniel's doing!

So, they are getting rid of someone who's actually making the show run smooth? WTF?! Where's the sense in that? (Rumor has it, however, that Daniel is a good friend of Julie Taymor's and his allegiance might make him a liability to the new director hired. Just a thought. )

At this point, if the producers gave Bono the boot we wouldn't be half-surprised!

Such a waste of $70 million! Ugh!

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