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Reggie Bush Is 'Begging' Kim Kardashian For A Second Chance!

Reggie Bush begging Kim

It looks like the look-a-likes and Playboy model twins couldn't compare to Kim Kardashian!

Just days before her wedding to Kris Humphries, sources are reporting Reggie Bush is BEGGING Kim to reconsider and give him a second chance!

According to an insider:

"He’s been sending text messages to Kim and leaving her voice mails, telling her she’s making a mistake and that he’s the one for her. In the past, Kim was friendly to Reggie but now she’s stopped responding.”

She even got a call from a friend speaking on behalf of the Miami Dolphin while she was at a WEDDING DRESS FITTING in New York City! A source close to the bride-to-be said:

“It was a friend telling Kim that her ex Reggie Bush needed to talk to her. He was begging her to call off the wedding — and give him another chance.”

Will Kim have a dramatic moment of realization that Reggie really is the one for her before she gets to the alter? Probably not.

The source continued to say that Kim has "truly moved on" and is not interested in what Reggie has to say. He's even started dropping a special nickname they’ve always kept as a secret between the two of them, but the insider continued:

“She used to love that nickname, but now that he’s using it when she’s about to get married to someone else, it’s just annoying to her.”

Reggie needs to get a grip! Kim is getting MARRIED and he blew his chance with her years ago.

We had no idea this guy had so much separation anxiety! Is he still asking the New Orleans Saints to take him back too?

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OMGlee! Demi Lovato Getting Flirty With Darren Criss!

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demi lovato and darren criss

Demi Lovato linked to yet ANOTHER guy??? This is getting crazy!

Even though she's denied it, earlier this week we heard that Demi was hooking up with Ryan Phillippe.

NOW we're hearing that something might be going on between Demi and

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Is Something Going On Between ScarJo And Justin Bartha???

scarjo and justin bartha

Guess that reconciliation between ScarJo and Ryan isn't happening anymore.

Last week, we heard that Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds COULD be getting back together…but then Ryan was spotted at LAX with rumored girlfriend Charlize Theron, and now we're hearing that there's something going on between ScarJo and Justin Bartha.

Scarlett was

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Is Something Going On Between Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux?

jennifer and justin go to dinner

We know, we know…they're JUST FRIENDS!

Ya know what, though? Justin Timberlake and Olivia Wilde were supposedly "just friends," and look at what's been going on between those two! LOLz.

We've heard it all before, but then again, this MAY just be platonic. Here's what a source had to say about Jennifer Aniston and actor/writer/producer Justin Theroux's dinner together:

"They are great friends. When Justin is in L.A. from New York, he and Jen have spent a lot of time together lately."

"Jen was in a great mood and seemed happy to take Justin to her favorite restaurant. They seemed happy and were flirty, but didn't act like a couple."

They may not have acted like a couple, but according to the source, they both ended up back at Jennifer's place after their three hour meal. Hmm…

Here's what Jennifer's rep had to say about the two:

"It was a group dinner with six people. It was not a romantic dinner."

All right, all right, so maybe they're just friends….

…Wait, they didn't share food, did they? Because if they were both eating off the same plate, that's a PRET-TY solid indicator that there's something more-than-platonic going on there. Ha!

Do U think there's anything going on between Justin and Jennifer? Or are they simply BFFs?

[Images via WENN.]

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What Is Going On Between These Two Here??

Okay…we're just going to say it:

Is it just us, or is there more than just a little unusual 'energy' between these two?

Check out adult contemporary singer Richard Marx's latest video blog, in which he includes his two performances with none other than Hugh Jackman during the actor's musical revue in San Francisco (above)…as well as a bit of homoerotic playful 'bromance' even though it seems so much more than that after the show!

NO SHIZ, RIGHT?! What is this about?!

A little bit handsy, a little bit flirty…

Good lord, maybe it's just wishful thinking, but holy hell!

We have to go catch up with our wandering mind now.

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Beyowulf And Jay-Z Love Tennis

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Jay-Z and Bey sat in the presidential box at the French Open on Sunday, watching fellow bootylicious hawtie Rafael Nadal beat Robin Soderling in the men's final.

The two were cuddling and exchanging flirty glances at each other during the 2 hour and 18 minute match.

We're glad the romance is still hot!

[Image via AP Images.]

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