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Teletubbies Set Destroyed By Owner To Prevent Trespassing Tourists!

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Remember the magical hill that once housed Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po?

Well that small piece of childhood is no more than a memory now, as the set of Teletubbies has been destroyed due to tourism!

The infamous children's show ended it's run in 2001, however, fans allegedly continued to visit the hill where the series was filmed in Wimpstone, Warwickshire.

The only problem is the set was actually on private property, and owner Rosemary Harding was tired of tourists trespassing:

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World's Cutest Sea Lion Pup!

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Sea Lion Pup

Prague Zoo is now the home of one of the cutest animals we've ever seen EVER!

A Sea Lion pup was born recently to mother sea lion Ababa at the zoo…

And she's the CUTEST thing ever!

The little female baybay weighs just over 13-pounds and is made of pure cuteness.

Sadly, Prague Zoo experienced major flooding recently and had to scramble to relocate several animals.

Good thing this little baby can swim!

She's too cute to imagine anything bad happening to her!

We hope she, and all the other animals, are okay!

[Image via Anthony Vaidl/Prague Zoo.]

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Guinness Heiress And Fashionista Sued Over Spilled Water

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daphne spotted after lawsuit announcement

Bad news for Guinness heiress and fashionista Daphne Guinness. The Socialite is being sued for over $1 million in damages!

Turns out Ms. Guinness has reportedly been letting her NY Fifth Avenue apartment bathtub overflow repeatedly.

That then caused a flood in her neighbor’s apartment with water leaking from the ceiling.

Karim Samii and his wife, Tina, claim Guinness has flooded their $12 million apartment at least four times already. The Samiis want "in excess of $1 million" for repairs and "mental anguish."

As for Daphne, no comment has been released from her side, though she was spotted in London yesterday leaving the Dorchester Hotel dressed like that!

Words just can’t describe it.

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Cokate's Flooded House For Sale!

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After being flooded with sewage, Kate Moss has decided to get rid of the house all together and put it up for sale.

The flood destroyed furniture, her shoe collection a priceless photographs left the supermodel upset and wanting a fresh start.

One source dishes:

"The floors are totally bowed in the basement and ground levels and there are builders in there now to get it in a saleable state. The entire kitchen has to be gutted (redone), as well as all the utility rooms downstairs. She just can't face any more disruption."

Poor Cokate!

As of right now, Moss has moved out for the summer while her people look for her a new home.

[Image via Mark Douglas/WENN.]

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Cokate's House Flooded With Sewage!

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For once, it's not good to be Kate Moss.

After being robbed last week, Cokate's house was flooded with sewage after a pump in her basement failed.

A source blabs about the stinky situation, saying:

"Trouble started following heavy rain over the last bank holiday and culminated in her basement flooding and the pump system clogging up. Kate is absolutely gutted. Not only is her house a complete disaster zone - with mud, gunge and sewage everywhere - she is looking at a bill of around £100,000 to replace her outside deck, plus kitchen units, furniture and flooring."

It's not like she can't afford it.

Until the mess is fixed Cokate may have to relocate.


[Image via WENN.]

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