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Meet Florrie And Her Florrettes For Hoss Intropia!

We want to strap on our dancing shoes and jive to this beat, RIGHT NOW!!

This music video advertisement (muvidment?) for Hoss Intropia features one of our fave female musicians (and super model!) Florrie, plus, the vid also explores a pretty interesting music/imaging layer concept.

Drummer Florrie begins the set, shortly followed by Keyboardist Florrie. Loungin' record-listening Florrie then switches up the rhythm, and Florrie just being Florrie rounds the show out as she jiggles to the catchy beat while getting ready for

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Listen To This: Dance To The Beat Of Her Drum!

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We are obsessed with Florrie!!!

The former drummer turned songwriter turned model is giving us life!

The British beauty's music, under the direction of Girls Aloud masterminds Xenomania, is hard to classify to just one genre.

On some songs she sounds like Roisin Murphy, others are more Florence & The Machine and she has some tracks where she sounds like Sade or Goldfrapp.

Florrie is musically adventurous and we LOVE it!!!

Check out her delicious I Took A Little Something (above)! It's more on the dance tip, with some Caribbean flavor.

Smart, sophisticated dance and pop!

We can't get enough!

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Listen To This: What You Doing This For??

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Girls named Flo really know how to bring it!!!

Like the similarly-named Florence & The Machine, drummer turned solo artist Florrie is hard to pigeonhole.

Produced by and signed to Xenomania, the brilliant songwriting and production team behind all of Girls Aloud's hits, Florrie's music doesn't easily fit into just one genre. And, for lack of a better description, it's just damn cool!

We've been listening her A LOT since we first posted about her earlier this summer.

Check out another song of hers we really love, Give Me Your Love, above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Florrie!!!!

Sooo bitchin'!

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