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Miley Cyrus Kisses Another Boy?!?!

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, what are you doing??

You're throwing away the life you're trying to build with Liam Hemsworth!!

Why risk everything on a morning make out session with… oh wait… that's Floyd!

Her puppy dog!! Whew! We thought things were all over! LOLz!

Miley tweeted a pic (above) and wrote:

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Miley Cyrus Hugs Her Adorbz Doggy Floyd

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has a lot going on in her life right now!

Aside from juggling her menagerie of dogs and trying to keep up a relationship with the hunky Liam Hemsworth, she's also got a new music video about to drop!

It's for her new single We Can't Stop and we bet it's gonna be great.

Even though she must be running all over the place promoting her new track, she still took time to snuggle her pup, Floyd!

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Miley Cyrus Celebrates Floyd's B-Day On Instagram!!!

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How'd he get so big???

Last time we saw Miley Cyrus and this dog - he was so small!

Floyd sure has grown up - but luckily he isn't too grown up to be carried around by sexy mommy!

Miley recently joined Instagram and wrote the follow underneath this fabulous picture of her and her best friend:

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Miley Cyrus Is Really Interested In Her Phone While Walking Her Dogs!

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That must be the most important/funniest/best text EVUH!!!!

While Floyd, Happy, and Mary Jane were busy being cute, PRESCHUZZ, and all things dog, Miley Cyrus was trying to hide her face with her tiny cell phone.

What's going on, MileyBird? Has someone sent you a chain text?


[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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Miley's Pooch Loves Making Out AND Playing With His Balls

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Miley Cyrus just can't stop making out with her dog!

Well, Floyd doesn't JUST like kissing Miley…he loves licking his favorite ball.

His TOY ball…get your minds out of the gutter, people! LOLz!

Miley tweets:

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Miley Cyrus Tweets Adorbz Puppy Pics

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Miley Cyrus loves to tweet pics of her furry family!

We're so glad that she does because they're always super adorbz.

This time was no different!

Miley tweeted a pic (above) and wrote:

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Miley Cyrus Overloads Twitter With Doggie CUTENESS

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If Miley Cyrus wanted to create a superhero dog team, she has all the pieces to do it!

Sharing her GAWRGEOUS pooches with the Twitter world (above, and below), the newly engaged singer reintroduced her DAH-ling doggies.

There's Floyd, Happy, Ziggy, Lila and Mary Jane. Five precious pups ready to save the universe!

Super dogs…AWAY!!!

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to "like" Perez on Facebook!

[Image via Twitter.]

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