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The US Department Of Justice Is Taking Part In Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong!

the us department of justice is joining lawsuit against lance armstrong

Lance Armstrong has another hurdle to go over!

According to reports, the Justice Department is joining biker, Floyd Landis in a lawsuit that was filed a couple years ago against Lance, and we don't know about you, but we think Armstrong is gonna have a tough time getting out of this one!!

The reason why the government decided to jump on the suit is because

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Lance Armstrong Still Under Drug Investigation

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Although he was cleared of doping charges in 2006, Lance Armstrong is in deep shiz again!

Ever since former teammate Floyd Landis accused Lance of systematic doping, federal prosecutors are on the case. According to reports, they have other cyclists who are backing up the claims.

One of Armstrong's former teammates told several investigators that cheating ran rampant among the United States team and Lance supported it.

Armstrong's agent and manager would not comment. His lawyer, Bryan D. Daly, believes that the other cyclists are lying, saying:

"They just want to incriminate Lance Armstrong and that's my concern. The bottom line is, if you take away the soap opera and look at the scientific evidence, there is nothing."

It's reported that more cyclists will meet with the grand jury.


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Fellow Cycler Claims Lance Armstrong Used Drugs!

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Since cyclist Floyd Landis admitted to performance-enhancing drug use, he has come forward to say that he saw his competitors engage in the same behavior.

"Rather than go into the entire detail of every single time I've seen it, yes," said Landis. "I saw Lance Armstrong using drugs."

Wowsa! He also claims that Lance used those same drugs throughout his career AND transfused his own blood, which gives athletes more endurance by increasing their red blood count.

"Landis is a confessed perjurer and he is a liar, and I think, as Lance said … when you taste milk to see if it's sour, you take a first taste and you don't have to drink the whole carton to know it's all sour," said Armstrong's attorney, Tim Herman.

Landis said:

"I don't feel guilty at all about having doped. I did what I did because that's what we [cyclists] did and it was a choice I had to make after 10 years or 12 years of hard work to get there, and that was a decision I had to make to make the next step. My choices were, do it and see if I can win, or don't do it and I tell people I just don't want to do that, and I decided to do it.

When asked if he thought Armstrong was a fraud, he added:

"Well, it depends on what your definition of fraud is. I mean it, look, if he didn't win the Tour, someone else that was doped would have won the Tour. In every single one of those Tours."

It sounds like no one even had a fighting chance.

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Lance Denies Doping Allegations!

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After disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis finally confessed to being guilty of doping, he's now trying to bring down Lance Armstrong with him saying that he participated, too!

But Lance is denying the allegations! He says:

"If you said, 'Give me one word to sum this all up,' credibility. Floyd lost his credibility a long time ago. We have nothing to hide. We have nothing to run from. I'd remind everybody that this is a man that's been under oath several times and had a very different version.

"This is a man that wrote a book for profit that had a completely different version. This is somebody that took, some would say, close to $1 million from innocent people for his defense under a different premise. Now when it's all run out the story changes."

Hmmm, we're inclined to believe Lance at this point.

But what do U think?

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Shamed Cyclist Admits To Drug Use, Claims Lance Armstong Is Guilty As Well!

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American cyclist Floyd Landis, who was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title, has not only admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, but has also alleged that he did so with Lance Armstrong!

In a series of e-mails to cycling officials and sponsors, he accuses not only Armstrong, but Levi Leinheimer and Dave Zabriskie of using a variety of drugs, including EPO and human growth hormones!

Holy shiz!

He says:

"I want to clear my conscience. I don't want to be part of the problem any more. If I don't say something now then it's pointless to ever say it."

However, the International Cycling Union is speaking out against these allegations, and assert that Landis is bitter and attempting to perpetuate lies to get revenge!

President Pat McQuaid said in a statement:

"These guys coming out now with things like this from the past is only damaging the sport. If they've any love for the sport they wouldn't do it. What's his agenda? The guy is seeking revenge. It's sad, it's sad for cycling. It's obvious he does hold a grudge. He already made those accusations in the past. Armstrong has been accused many times in the past but nothing has been proved against him. And in this case, I have to question the guy's credibility. There is no proof of what he says. We are speaking about a guy who has been condemned for doping before a court."

Wow. Pretty heavy stuff.

What do U think?? Could there be any truth to Landis' allegations??

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