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ICK! Portland Restaurant Offers A Disgusting Drink Topped Off With WHAT?!

A Portland restaurant is serving a drink topped with foie gras!

Considering the University of Oregon's mascot is a duck, we'd think the state would be pretty opposed to the use of foie gras!

But we thought wrong! SOOOOO wrong!!

In fact, a Portland restaurant loves the controversial ingredient so much, they decided to make a drink based on it! Meet the "Foie the Hell of It," a cocktail containing

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Gordon Ramsay's Cruel Foie Gras Factory Exposed By PETA!

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Uh oh! Watch out chef Gordon Ramsay, PETA is coming for you!!

Chef Ramsay is in the hot seat after an undercover video exposed some serious animal cruelty at a foie gras factory which supplies one of his restaurants.

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Pamela Anderson Urges London Luxury Department Store To Drop Foie Gras


Atta girl!

Pamela Anderson has written a letter to the chief executive of Fortnum & Mason, Ewan Venters, to try and persuade him to get rid of a certain controversial product in his stores!

That product is Foie Gras which is the swollen livers of force-fed geese!

Here's part of what Anderson's letter said:

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It's Official! Foie Gras Is No Mas!

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Yesterday, July 1st, marked a great day for ducks all over.

California's ban on foie gras became official, meaning that restaurants in Cali can no longer serve fatty duck liver from force fed ducks to patrons.

But those in favor of the delicacy aren't laying down. Protests have continued to put pressure on the situation while restaurants had been stuffing customers' faces with foie gras up until yesterday's ban.

At least a few more ducks get to lead a happy life.

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Foie Gras Fans Gorge Before Ban Takes Effect

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A foie gras ban is looming on the California horizon.

Foie gras, fatty duck liver, is a cruel delicacy, considered delicious by some and disgusting by us — and many other Californians as well.

They fatten up the ducks' livers by

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Eight Foods More Cruel Than Foie Gras

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Foie Gras

Even though it's a great victory for animal rights activists, the California ban on foie gras only affects a small group.

Foie gras is not a widely popular dish, so there are certain foods that are much more popular and still cruel, making the effects of us eating them much more widespread.

The foods are:

1. Blue Fin Tuna - One of the most overfished sea creatures and a more popular food than foie fras.

2. Shark Fins - This has actually just recently been banned. Sharks are caught, their fins cut off and then they are dumped back into the ocean to die.

3. Palm Oil - Harvested from palm trees, this can lead to the destruction of rainforests and ruining of the habitats of the animals that live there.

4. Farmed Salmon - Not only is it awful when a creature is kept confined and mass bred but farmed salmon can have sea lice and other diseases.

5. Chocolate/Coffee - Not all chocolate and coffee is cruel, just the kind that comes from regions that use child slavery.

6. Feedlot Beef - Raising these animals as if they were just products, not living creatures, is appalling. They are often in tight conditions, methane builds ups (from the animals) can cause pollution and diseases like E. coli can spread.

7. Junk Food Marketed Directly To Children - With childhood obesity rates on the rise, the last thing we need is junk food being flung at our children.

8. Factory-Farmed Chicken - Large scale chicken farms can even be worse than the feedlot beef factories, with some chickens never actually moving outside of their cages.

So even though the foie gras battle is won, the animal cruelty war is far from over.

[Image via AP Images.]

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California Bans The Sale Of Foie Gras

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A somewhat controversial ban has been enacted in California which will soon make it illegal to sell foie gras.

Foie gras is fattened goose or duck liver.

Animal rights activists have been saying for years that the way foie gras is prepared, by force feeding geese and ducks, is despicable and inhumane.

Though fans of foie gras in the food industry feel differently, one said:

"What’s being regulated here? You are denying people the food that people in some countries have been eating for generations. They don’t believe the process of fattening up the ducks or geese is painful to the ducks or geese. I’ve seen the videos, and everyone says the same thing: they all seem to run up to be fed."

A chef from a restaurant that serves foie gras said:

"I want people to have the freedom to eat what they want. Animal rights people would turn everyone into a vegan if they could. I don’t want animal rights people to tell me what to eat. Today it’s foie gras. Tomorrow it’s going to be chicken, or beef.

Foie gras is one of the greatest ingredients, a French delicacy. I was born and raised with foie gras. It’s like if you took kimchi away from the Korean people."

It's a tough battle because not all slaughter houses are the same. Maybe some geese are treated more than humanely, maybe others are tube feed then brutally killed.

A fan of foie gras said:

"The question is whether you believe that the killing of animals for food for people is acceptable. It’s a moral judgment. You have an ethical slippery slope here."

It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Maybe there will be prohibition style foie gras speakeasies.

Sounds gross to us though.

[Image via WENN.]

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