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Jared Leto Gets A Back Tattoo To Celebrate One Million Twitter Followers

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jared leto back tattoo million twitter followers

Let it never be said that Jared Leto breaks his promises- he'd rather break his back!

The My So-Called Life star promised Twitter that when he reached one million followers, he would get a huge back tattoo and show it off to the world!

Well, here is the result? It's a… Um… Well, he tweeted:

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Megan Fox Dumps Brian Austin Green Twitter

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Mega Fox Twitter Done

And like that, she’s gone!

Megan Fox gave it her all, but things just didn’t work out.

The hot new mama had to end her relationship with Twitter after a brief fling.

With about a week on the social networking site and more than 250,000 followers, Megan cut the cord which she revealed on Facebook:

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Kim Kardashian PISSED Over Instagram Changes! Threatens To Take Boobs Bangs Elsewhere?!

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Ruh Roh Instagram!

You've gone and thoroughly screwed the pooch celeb, and Kim Kardashian is NOT a happy munchkin!

Kimmy K. has already tweeted her distaste over the photo-sharing site's recent rule changes, and now we hear that she is actively telling others to boycott Instagram unless the social media program reconsiders its new, invasive policies!

AND she's thisclose to canceling her account, taking her much beloved vintage-colored snaps — and her millions of followers — to a rival enterprise!

Seeing as Kim is the site's #1 user with 5,726,343 followers, that could be a BIG loss for the company.

BUT the Kardashian sister is apparently not doing anything drastic UNTIL she reads the revised terms of service policy which should be released SOON.

What would the world do without Kim's sepia-tinged photo adventures?!?!


[Image via Twitter.]

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Kanye Says Goodbye 'Be Back Soon' To Twitter

We're not sure why, but Kanye West has decided to abandon Twitter.

For now, at least.

He made the announcement to the Twitterverse on Thursday by tweeting:

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Nick Cannon Tweets Surgery Pic!

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Nick Cannon Dental Surgery

Like this guy needs MORE surgery!!

Nick Cannon, in a bid to freak out followers, has posted a picture of himself about to undergo dental surgery.

We're super glad it isn't anything riskier than that!

He also tweeted this words of explanation:

"Finished work, now I got to get my tooth pulled in the morning!"

"All done! High as s**t."


Glad you're good to go, Nick!

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to "like" Perez on Facebook!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Jessica Simpson Is Feeling INSPIRED!!

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Whatever you can do that inspires you to get into a happy and healthy shape, do it!!

Jessica Simpson is feeling some inspiration, though we don't really know where it's coming from (though it should be from the $4 million!)!

Here's what she just said to her millions of followers on twitter:

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Justin Bieber Wins The Hearts Of Over 25 Million Twitter Followers!

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Justin Bieber Twitter Follows

It’s pretty well-known that Justin Bieber has some of the most supportive fans in the biz, who are willing to do just about ANYTHING for the pop sensation!

Recently, Beliebers from All Around The World have been campaigning to get the Biebs 25 million followers on Twitter and of course, they did just that…and then some!

Justin currently has over 25 mil Twitter fans and as expected, the number has been growing by the minute!

Once Bieber reached the set mark, he tweeted:

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