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NBC Refused Ann Curry Sending Robin Roberts Well Wishes!

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ann curry robin roberts well wishes forbidden nbc enemy

What the hell is wrong with NBC?

Not EVERYTHING has to be a competition! If Ann Curry wants to wish Robin Roberts well while she's fighting an insanely scary medical problem, well, she should be allowed to. Without your permission. Regardless if you feel like she was trying to "aid the enemy."

That's so offensively asinine that we're about to barf. Aiding the enemy?? REALLY??

Here's what the report said:

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Robert Pattinson Forbids Kristen Stewart From Sexing Seeing Rupert Sanders?!


The couple that fooled us all whose love we thought was dust in the wind, is apparently on the verge of re-blossoming, despite rumors of Robert Pattinson's solo, sexy party nights with mega hot women

But Robbie supposedly has some hardcore rules for Mz. Kristen Stewart if she wants to get back inside his pants heart!

Obviously, rule number one is rumored to be that she is NOT allowed to see/speak with the dude who fondled her so sweetly on that Hollywood Hills bridge, SWATH director Rupert Sanders.

Rule number two is even MORE restricting, requiring KStew to be

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Rupert Sanders' Wife FORBIDS Him To Direct Snow White Sequel!

liberty ross bans rupert sanders from snow white sequel

Sounds more than fair to us!

The mother of Rupert Sanders' two children has a non-negotiable if she's to let him back into her knickers:

He can never direct a Kristen Stewart film ever again!!!

That means absolutely no Snow White and the Huntsman sequel! No chance!

One source goes into great detail to explain Liberty Ross' situation, revealing:

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Tom Cruise To Katie Holmes: The Dawson's Creek Reunion Is FORBIDDEN!

katie holmes nyc project runway


Sigh… okay, we're getting it together now… even though we've been waiting nearly ten years to see Joey finally realize she made a mistake and run straight back into Dawson's welcoming and loving arms, just like she should have done almost a decade ago, because the show is called Dawson's Creek, not Dawson Gets The Shaft, and clearly we've been mentally scarred by this, so if someone could just make sure this happens…

ANYWAY! Apparently Katie Holmes had been approached for a DC reunion movie, but according to sources, Tom Cruise wasn't having any of it!

In fact, one source says:

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Forbidden Love!

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Natural mortal enemies, a dog and cat, were caught snuggling together!!

Aside from being an offense against nature it also happened to be…


Omg they're so in love it almost hurts.

Check them out in the above adorbz video.

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Britney Can't See The Same Hairstylist Too Often


So this is why her hair is always a hot mess!

Britney Spears isn't allowed to go to the same hairstylist because her management doesn't want her getting too close to anyone.

A source reveals:

"They won't use anyone who has done her hair in the past and won't let any current stylist see her more then three times."

That's a little intense, no?

Her Circus tour hairstylist George Papanikolas says he hasn't seen BritBrit since. Stylists Rick Henry, Kim Vo, Roberta Romero and Chris McMillan haven't touched her weave since leaving the salon either.

Maybe the girl could use a little repetition in her life, or at least her hair!

[Image via Michael Wright/WENN.]

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