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Justin Bieber Will SUE You For $5M If You Blab About His Parties!

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Don't you DARE even THINK about spilling the deets that go on behind closed doors at Justin Bieber's place!

Cuz if ya do, the little prince will sue your ass for FIVE MILLION — and that includes tweets and instagrams!

A copy of one his infamous liability waiver and release forms has made its way to the internetz, and the doc that every party guest has to sign before going to the dark side in warns of not only the legal obligation, but of "health risks" too!

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How To Do The Perfect Lunge

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How To Do The Perfect Lunge

There’s potential for injury with almost every exercise if you do them with bad form!

Here’s Scott Malin’s instructions for doing the perfect lunge — read and exercise better!

1. Stand tall and keep your feet pointed straight ahead.
2. Take a big step forward with one leg.
3. Lower your body until your back knee is just above the ground (or
as far as you can go comfortably).
4. Bend straight down. make sure the knee of your front leg does not
move forward.
5. Keep most of your weight on your front leg.
6. Squeeze the glutes (butt muscles) of your front leg and push from
the heel of your front leg as you step backward.
7. Now, step forward with the other leg and repeat.
8. If you have enough room, we recommend doing walking lunges. This
simply means walking forward with each lunge instead of stepping back.

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