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Scientists Recreate Actual Dinosaur Skin

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Scientists have actually found the mummified remains of a Hadrosaur.

That means that some of its skin was actually intact!

So now using a gross, burnt, smashed chicken, scientists were somehow able to come up with a good idea for what the dinosaur's skin might have actually looked like.

Check out the above video to see them working on a computer rendering of a real life Hadrosaur.

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Five-Year-Old Digs Up 160 Million-Year-Old Fossil

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Emily Baldry, a five-year-old British girl, dug up a 160 million-year-old fossil near a lake while at a park one day.

With the help of her father, they pulled out the 16 inch wide fossil of an extinct giant mollusk.

They then gave the fossil to an archaeologist who spent a year cleaning it and whittling it down to nothing but pure fossil.

Emily named the fossil "Spike," due to the defensive spines sticking out of the shell.

Talking about finally getting back the cleaned fossil, Emily said:

“It is so exciting to see him. I was very happy when I first saw him and now he looks very shiny.”

The archaeologist who restored the fossil said:

"This is the first ammonite of this kind to be discovered whole in Britain. The rest have all been fragments."

That’s awesome!

Way to go, Emily!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Monster Wombat Fossils Discovered In The Out Back

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Prehistoric Monster Wom

Wait, is this the monster from Cloverfeild?

Australian scientists have uncovered the world's biggest marsupial – a "three-ton monster" the size of a Jeep that lived up to two million years ago.

Scientist have given it the name DIPROTODON making it the badass marsupial to exist.

What are we gonna do if we find an even bigger prehistoric marsupial, like a man-eating kangaroo? We're gonna need an even more badass name, but we suppose scientist will cross that road when if they come to it.

Anyway, the DIPROTODON is about the size of a rhinoceros and was found on a remote cattle station in an area rich in the remains of prehistoric megafauna.

The discovery of a virtually complete fossil makes it one of Australia’s most significant prehistoric discoveries.

Photo: Whikipedia

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Largest Spider Fossil Found… Nightmares Guaranteed

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It's… it's so hard to even look at.

This hellspawn monstrosity fossil specimen was found in a layer of volcanic ash in Inner Mongolia, China.

Here's the good news, though:

Nephila jurassica wasn't all that monstrous, despite being the largest spider fossil ever found.


So while the fossil looks like something out of David Lynch's nightmares, the actual measurements of it aren't TOO terrifying:

The fossil was about as large as its modern relatives, with a body one inch (2.5 centimeters) wide and legs that reach up to 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) long. Golden orb-weavers nowadays are mainly tropical creatures, so the ancient environment of Nephila jurassica probably was similarly lush.

The find was documented in the April 20 edition of Biology Letters. Dating back 165 million years, the fossil traces the genus Nephalia back an additional 35 million years than was previously known.

According to Wired, spiders from the same genus still exist today. The golden orb weaving spider, the fossil's modern relative, can grow to 4 or even 5 inches. However, fossils of its relatives are rare.

Such relief! But, unfortunately, what we imagined is already in our brains (think about spiders being inside your brains for a second) and added to our nightmare files.

Kinda cool, though, regardless!

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