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Scientists Discover An Adorable Miniature T-Rex In Alaska! Aw! Pet-Sized Dinos For Everyone!

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toy story rex

OK, so we're guessing "adorable" might not be the right word here. But it's still a lot less scary than a full-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex!!!

Scientist believe they have discovered a brand new species of dinosaur stemming from a dig in Alaska back in 2006! Measuring about 2 meters tall, they initially believed they had stumbled upon the bones of a young tyrannosaur. However, with further inspection they found that it had a lot of the same characteristics of an adult!!

Ron Tykoski works on fossils at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas and spoke out about the amazing discovery:

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Hundreds Of Dinosaur Egg Fossils Found In Spain!

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Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs

Jurassic Park, here we come!

Researchers in Spain have announced they found hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils!

They even found four kinds of dino egg that they had never found before in that region.

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Have Fossils Of the EARLIEST Animals Been Discovered???

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Princeton University geoscientists Adam Maloof & Catherine Rose identified fossils of soft-bodied animals from approximately 577 million years ago to 542 million years ago.

Or at least they think the fossils are from animals - that's only their "best guess."

The fossils were found in Australia and the results suggest that primitive sponge-like creatures lived in ocean reefs all those years ago.

The research suggests that the organisms were about the size of a small fingertip and had weirdly shaped bodies with a huge network of internal canals.

Here's what a scientist said:

"We were accustomed to finding rocks with embedded mud chips, and at first this is what we thought we were seeing. But then we noticed these repeated shapes that we were finding everywhere – wishbones, rings, perforated slabs and anvils. We realized we had stumbled upon some sort of organism, and we decided to analyze the fossils. No one was expecting that we would find animals that lived before the ice age, and since animals probably did not evolve twice, we are suddenly confronted with the question of how a relative of these reef-dwelling animals survived the 'snowball Earth.'"

The 'Snowball Earth' is the theory that the entire globe was frozen solid at one point before 650 million years ago.

Images recreated from their finding have led scientists to believe these fossil remains belonged to a spongelike creature. Previously, the oldest known and undisputed fossilized sponges date to around 520 million years old.

History is being made, people.

But are we sure those (above) are fossils? They look like pizza to us - ha!

[Image via Maloof Lab/Situ Studio.]

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Paleontologists Discover New Dinosaur Species

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…in the basement of their own museum!

Yup, paleontologists from Britain's Natural History Museum just discovered a new species of dinosaur hiding in their basement.

The bones are of herbivores from the same family as the Triceratops, called Spinops sternbergorum.

The bones were found along with a large group of fossils in a "bone bed" in Alberta, Canada in 1916.

But the museum's keeper of geology at the time said the bones were "rubbish" so they lay in the basement from almost 100 years until they were rediscovered by a current group of researchers.

The scientist who led the team said:

"I knew right away that these fossils were something unusual, and it was very exciting to learn about their convoluted history.

Here we have not just one, but multiple individuals of the same species, so we’re confident that it’s not just an odd example of a previously known species."

That's got to be a fun thing to stumble across.

They didn't even need to dig or use those little dust brushes or anything.

Score one for modern science!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Do U Know What's Scarier Than An Earthquake On The East Coast?


And this isn't even the worst of it. Not by a LONGSHOT.

We're not kidding. In fact, this is worse than being stuck in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre house DURING an earthquake - WITH The Human Centipede and Two Girls, One Cup playing in the background ON LOOP.

While Hoarders generally makes us want to vomit, last night's episode literally took this to a whole new, terrifyingly LITERAL level with Lisa, who after being married to an "abusive sociopath" who cut her off from the outside world and gave her HPV, which led to cervical cancer, began not only hoarding food in her kitchen, but re-purposing the bugs, worms, and rotting - AND IN SOME CASES, FOSSILIZED carcasses - as INGREDIENTS in new dishes!

We've literally never seen anything like this.

Check out the VERY NSFW clips…AFTER THE JUMP!

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