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Michael Lohan Continues Exploiting His Daughter On His Famewhoring Media Tour! Drops F Bomb On Fox TV Too!

Whenever we see this asshole, we do truly feel a twinge of sympathy for Lindsay Lohan. She didn't have a shot in hell at normalcy because of her parents, did she?

Michael Lohan is clearly loving all of the publicity he's getting due to his daughter's prison sentence, and he once again played the concerned father role on FOX News Channel’s Studio B!

Look! He gets so passionate that he drops the "F" bomb! He must really be sincere then, RIGHT?


Here are some other gems from the Father of the Century, first regarding Lindsay's own "F" bomb in the court room, and then about his usual famewhorey-ness.

“Shep, it is stupid, it’s insane, it’s so dark. Why would you do that, for what reason? And not expect people to see it or word to get out.”

“Give me a break. All of my effort is spent trying to help my daughter. It really is hurtful that people will take situations and twist them when you’re trying to conduct your life, you’re trying to just live your life. If you don’t know, if you’re not in my shoes, then you have no place saying what I should do.”

“It just tears me up. Especially to see that my wife, my ex-wife, is around her and not doing a damn thing to help her. I don’t believe the jail poll was warranted. There’s measures she can take now that can put her in a better place if she goes to jail, or even help her not go to jail."

“This is about saving my daughter’s life, it’s not about TV deals. She should be in a rehab now. And what Dina should be doing, and I’m calling her out right now, is she should get the names of the doctors off every prescription, every bottle, and she should turn those names over to the authorities for investigation. This is the truth, this is what’s going on in her life, and they shouldn’t be documenting it, they should be fixing it. When I had no other choice, and I found out what was going on in my daughter’s life, and when I tried to approach her and to talk to her about it, that’s when she cut me off. She didn’t want to hear what I have to say.”

Unfortunately, we can't say that any of this bullshit is shocking, coming from him - but it's still effing disgusting!


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