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King Spencer To Plague The Literary World With Tell-All Book About, What Else, Franken-Heidi!

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You thought we were rid of him…you were sooo wrong!

Make room next to your copy of How to be Famous:Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture because Spencer Pratt is writing a book, this time riding solo.

Spencer has announced that his tell-all memoir will focus on his years on The Hills and, SURPRISE, his relationship with Heidi Montag. He explains:

"My last book, How to be Famous, didn't make the New York Times best-seller list because it was in the self-help section.
This one is going to be totally different. I'm not holding anything back."

Oh lord, he's been holding back. We're afraid!

Could you not, Spencer? Seriously, we don't think we can handle a condensed version of your crazy!

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Franken-Heidi Threatening To Sue Spencer Over Tell-All Book!


Anyone else think it's a little convenient that Heidi Montag is taking such quick action against Spencer Pratt and his new literary venture?

Yeah, us too. Say it with us now: STAGED!!!

Shortly after King Spencer announced he was writing a new book detailing the intimate and pathetic passionate moments he shared with his Hills co-star and soon to be ex-wife, Heidi announced she was taking legal action against him to stop the book from being published!

Franken Heidi would only tell sources that, "This is exactly why I left him … Right now I'm looking into my legal options."


You know what, we don't even think you two are even broken up! We venture to say that this is all some ridiculous, HIGHlarious and terribly pitiful attempt for more media attention. This whole breakup and feud is as fake as the tits on Heidi's chest.

We're not buying it!!! What else you got???

[Image via WENN.]

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Franken-Heidi Starts A Rumor That John Mayer Wants To Date Her

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So a "friend" of Heidi Montag is telling people that John Mayer is trying to court her giant tittays.

And when we say friend, we assume that it's actually Heidi telling sources this for more attention! Because let's get real for a second - the man has had Sexual Napalm and Jennifer Aniston. Sure, he's a scuzz ball, but his peen has become accustomed to a certain amount of class!

However, according to this alleged "friend," John has been constantly "flirting" and asking Heidi out. Her reply:

"She's flattered, but not yet convinced. He's very good-looking and charming, but his reputation is a bit of a turn-off."

Ha! His reputation? What about your reputation?!

Boy, if ever there was a time for John to take to his Twitter, now would be it! Could you please put this rumor to bed, Johnny?!

[Image via WENN.]

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Heidi Responds To News Of Her Plastic Surgeon's Death.

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We may not agree with all the work he did on her, but there's no doubt that he was a very important person in her life!

The shocking news of Dr. Frank Ryan's death has reached Heidi Montag, who notoriously went under the knife of the celebrity plastic surgeon for ten procedures at once, and the reality star is understandably grief-stricken!

She just tweeted the following message:

I am devastated to hear the news of Dr. Frank Ryan's death. He was the most amazing person I have ever known. He was an angel and changed my life and the lives of everyone he met. He was the most brilliant talented surgeon who will ever exist. Dr. Frank Ryan changed the world. My thoughts and prayers go out to his mother, family, friends, and anyone who was ever blessed enough to meet him. He is in a better place.

What a poignant note. So sad.

Our thoughts are with Heidi and all of Ryan's loved ones during this difficult, tragic time.

[Image via WENN.]

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Heidi Still Thinks LC Would Give Her The Time Of Day!

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Girl, please!

Yesterday afternoon, in yet another tweet of desperation, Heidi Montag reached out to her former friend and Hills co-star, Lauren Conrad. She posted:

"Watching old Hills I miss you @AudrinaPatridge and most of all @laurenconrad."

Aw! Reliving the past! Are you trying to find the exact moment where your life took a turn for the worst?

Here's a hint: ENTER SPENCER PRATT!!!

As LC once famously said to you, she wants to forgive you…and forget you. Chances are, you've been long forgotten!

What happened to all your new trashy friends you were going to do a new reality show with? Where'd they go???

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