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Jordan Wows Audience At Club With Her SMASH New Single! Club Boos!

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Ouch! That has got to sting!

Check out this clip of Jordan Katie Price lip synching performing her smash new single, Free To Love Again, at a club over the weekend, which prompted QUITE the reaction from the audience!

And did anyone notice her man Alex Reid in the background? His face is PRICELESS!

Don't let those meanies get you down, bb! We think they just can't handle your GREATNESS!

In fact, you should keep performing as much as you'd like! And maybe even try it LIVE! We think that would be truly something special!

Bwa ha ha!

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OMG! Katie Price Performs Her New Single On TV!

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And it's just as bad as you'd think!

Katie Price performed her new single Free To Love Again on GMTV on Friday complete with four back-up dancers. Someone needs to make up for her lack of stage presence!

Watch the clip (above) as Jordan attempts to sing in a jacket made of Cher's old wigs.

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Katie Price's New Single Will Flop, Says Katie Price

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At least she is being honest with herself.

We posted last week the brand-new single from Jordan Katie Price, Free To Love Again.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that the song blows the big shiztastic horn, including Miz Price herself! While out whoring promoting the music, she admits that she went about the release of her song all wrong, but that she doesn't really care. She says:

"I've got no record company, I've gone straight onto digital, and I've done it all the wrong way because you're meant to bring out a song three months before and get it on the radio playlist but I know that it's not credible to play one of my songs so I don't do it the usual way….If I'm honest it probably won't do well in the charts because I'm promoting it the week it comes out when usually people are on the radio and in magazines talking about it before and people have already heard it."

So what you are saying is, you dug yourself into a musical hole, one that is sure to bring you ZERO dollars and you don't give a shiz?

Yes? Ok? Just want to make sure we are keeping up!

CLICK HERE to listen to the track and see if you agree with her assessment. (P.S. - You will!)

[Image via WENN.]

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The Duet Of Our Generation!

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Terrifying and amusing news:

Heidi Montag and Katie Price want to collaborate, musically!

By now, you've all let your brain be drenched with the catchy chorus of Jordan Katie's new song, Free To Love Again. Now, imagine that same tune combined with new layers of autotune and awful. Welcome to the inside of Heidi's small brain!

She took to her Twitter to praise Katie's new song and shamelessly offer herself up for a "remix." As she put it, they could do the "SEXIEST music video ever!"

We don't know about sexiest.

Scary, yes. Eliciting horrifying collagen-inject nightmares, definitely.

Still, some deep, dark part of us who yearns for a good chuckle wants to see this happen. We can't help it! We love watching others epically fail at life!

Plus, maybe with Katie's help, Heidi can sell more copies of her next album. Maybe she'll even break the 700 mark!

A girl can dream!

[Image via WENN.]

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Free To Leave Love Again!

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Jordan Kate Price's new single has leaked online, and we're warning you right now - it's horrible. Disastrous, even.

But you will be singing the chorus for the next month if you listen to it!!!

Proceed at your own risk!

Check out Free To Love Again! (below)


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Kate Price's New Single Doesn't Disappoints!

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Watch out Heidi Montag! Your UK competition has arrived.

>CLICK HERE to check out a preview of Katie Price's brand new single, Free to Love Again.

Yes, it is as bad as you thought, but not as bad as the cover art that comes with it!

Seriously, look at her effin face! Too much botox + too much Photoshop = that hot mess!!!

P.S. We think this our new favorite song! Ha

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