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The Biebs Is In Paris — And Fans Be Goin' Gorillas!

Justin Bieber Paris Show 7

The Bieber mayhem continues!!!

Justin Bieber arrived in Paris, France today and was practically mobbed by Beliebers at the Charles de Gaulle airport!!

Check out more pics of the madness (below)!

After the craziness, the Biebs tweeted:

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Bieber Paris 5Bieber Paris 4Bieber Paris 3Bieber Paris 2Bieber Paris 1
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CRAZIEST CAT LADY EVA! Woman Owns 130 Cats!

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That shiz cray!

130 cats wait patiently for dinner time.

Yep, that's right…130 cats! There are so many felines that you can't even see the floor.

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Jon Hamm Clarifies His Remarks Regarding Kim Kardashian!


Frankly, we're just as surprised as he is!

After Jon Hamm said in Elle UK that society values "stupidity" and being an effing "idiot" and then cited Kim Kardashian as an example, the media picked up the story like wild fire and made enough of a stink to provoke the reality starlet to stand up for herself via Twitter!

And now, the Mad Men actor is just bewildered as to how this garnered so much of a frenzy!

He says:

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Shark Feeding Frenzy Caught On Camera!

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We are SO glad we're not swimming in that ocean!

A rescue helicopter was flying off the coast of Australia when it caught this school of sharks in a feeding frenzy!


Check out the above video to see the ocean churning with hungry sharks!

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Jordan Causes Paparazzi Frenzy At LAX!

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All of this over HER?!

Who'd of thought?! LOLz!

Check out this clip of Katie Price AKA Jordan causing a media frenzy upon arrival at LAX yesterday (above)!

Actually…who are we kidding? She probably tipped them off herself!


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